Dr. OZ Talks About Adhesions and Bowel Obstruction

adhesions and bowel obstructionAdhesions and bowel obstruction are a concern for anyone who has had abdominal surgery.  It can also be a concern for C-Section moms, especially if you’ve had several C-Sections.

Adhesions and Bowel Obstruction Demonstrated

Adhesions and scar tissue can be such a severe condition that it caught the attention of Dr. OZ.  He actually talks about this concern at length on one of his shows.

Dr. Oz demonstrates just how these adhesions and scar tissue form and how they can cause bowel obstruction. You’ll get a pretty good sense of what actually happens to your bowels.  You’ll also get a good sense of how adhesions in general cause the problems they do.  It isn’t pleasant 🙁

Bowel obstruction is just one of the problems caused by abdominal adhesions, they can cause other problems such as chronic abdominal or back pain, interfere with fertility and create digestion problems.  But bowel obstruction can be the most critical.

If you’ve had previous abdominal surgery for whatever reason, C-Section included,  and you suffer with abdominal pain accompanied by bloating, you could be suffering from adhesion blockage.

Watch the Dr. OZ video that was done as a live show.  It will give you a good idea of how adhesions and bowel obstruction can affect you.


C-Section Adhesions Treatment – It’s Troublesome

c-section adhesions treatment One rather troublesome side effect of having a C-Section or surgical birth are C-Section adhesions.  Treatment of adhesions is also troublesome because they can only be surgically removed, and more surgery leads to more adhesions.

All women who have a C-Section will have adhesions, but not all women suffer complications from adhesions, however some do.  Here’s a post I wrote on C-Sections adhesions and you’ll see what I mean:


If you have surgical adhesions or suspect you have them, here are a few options for treatment.


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C-Section Adhesions & Scar Tissue

c-section adhesions and scar tissue

C-Section Adhesions – A side effect of having a C-Section that Concerns women.

C-Section adhesions and scar tissue are filmy, sticky, tentacle-like bands of tissue that form in your abdomen after abdominal surgery.

Anyone that has abdominal surgery will get them. They are the body’s way of replacing damaged, cut tissues.

C-Section adhesions are one of the most worrisome C-Section risks because they’re painful and can cause long term health complications.

C-Section adhesions and Scar Tissue Concerns.

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