Shapewear Corset for C-Section Moms

If you’ve had a C-Section and aren’t feeling very sexy these days, Suzy Mac has cleverly created the SexCies “CorCelette,” an intimate shapewear Corset for C-Section moms designed to be worn during sex.

But wait …A corset that stays on during sex?

Yes, and it makes a lot of sense.   After having had C-Sections myself and understanding the intimacy and self-esteem issues that confront C-section moms, I was intrigued, so I got my own CorCelette.


My Sexies Corcelette Impressionsexcies

My Sexcies shapewear Corcet package arrived in a black sleek box and was nicely wrapped in silver paper with a bow.

Also in the box were several goodies.  There were black laces for lacing up the sides of the garment,  a few ’Do Not Disturb’ door signs, and a pair of dice for kicking off some fun activities together, how fun ;-)

I was excited to try on the SexCies, but I also thought about what a great gift this would be.

I unwrapped the corset and laced up the sides with the black laces and slipped it on.  I’d model but I’m a little shy, sorry.

It’s actually a very cute look!  I looked sexy, but I have to say, I also felt sexy.

After having 2 C-Sections my tummy will never look perfect to me but this garment gave me a smooth, proportionate look, so the size of my tummy really didn’t matter.  My figure blended beautifully without any bulging.  I like that!

After examining the garment I could see that it’s the design that’s brilliant.  The front panel of the Corcelete is made of a non-stretch satiny material with a super soft thin velvet lining.  The back of the garment has stretchy panels that conform to your backside.  This is how the garment gives you that smooth non-bulging sexy look.  The laces on the sides give you that sleek look without being uncomfortable.

Because the garment covers and flattens, you won’t see any stretch marks, but what’s even better is that ugly flap over my c-section scar can’t be seen at all.


Intimate Shapewear you don’t take off

What actually makes this shapewear corset unique from anything else you’ll find on the market is that you don’t take it off during your intimate moments.

Underneath the front ruffle there are hidden snaps where the crotch panel detaches so there’s no need to take the Corcelette off during sex.

That may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’s a great idea. Women often feel ugly after having a C-Section.  They feel fat, they hate their scar, their skin sags, they just don’t feel sexy.

But with the Sexcies shapewear corset they get some of their dignity back.   They can feel good about how they look and feel a lot less self conscious.  And honestly, the better you feed about yourself, the better you’ll feel about having sex again.

I only wish I had this after my C-Sections?


A Few Personal Observations About the SexCies Corcelette

Right now, the CorCelette only comes in black.  I love the satiny black and that would be my personal choice, but if I were considering it as a gift, a few color choices would be great.

You’ll need to lace up the sides so make sure you do this before putting it on as it takes a few minutes to do.

Once  you put it on, you WILL feel sexy, and if your partner doesn’t think so too, I’d be very surprised.

I’m a few years beyond having had my C-Sections but I’m keeping my Corcelette and I’m going to have some fun with it — and those red dice ;-)

The SexCies CorCelette was designed specifically for C-Section moms, but I think it’s a great idea for any woman that wants to boost her confidence in the bedroom and enjoy those intimate moments without feeling self conscious.

Here’s where to get your very own Sexcies.


Mother, author, Cesarean researcher and C-Section mom herself, Elizabeth supports and helps educate women on C-Section birth, planning, making informed choices and recovering well.

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