Post C-Section Massage Helps Fight Adhesions

post c-section massageOne of the side effects of having a C-Section is abdominal adhesions.

Not all women who have had a C-Section experience complications with C-Section adhesions and scar tissue, but many women do.

In fact adhesions can cause abdominal pain and/or complications months, even years after having a C-Section.

To help fight the growth and development of abdominal adhesions after having a C-Section research has found that abdominal massage therapy can significantly reduce the growth of adhesions and their damaging effects.

The good news is that self  massage therapy can be done soon after surgery when your incision has healed and your doctor gives you the OK to begin therapy.

How Abdominal Adhesions Cause Complications and Pain

When you have abdominal surgery including having a C-Section adhesions and scar tissue form as the body’s way of healing itself.

Adhesions form as long bands of scar tissue. Over time those bands of tissue can adhere to other organs and/or your abdominal cavity causing a pulling sensation when you move. Adhesions can also cause abdominal pain, gastrointestinal complications and even interfere with fertility.

But not all adhesions create complications, pain or fertility problems. In fact many women are not bothered by their adhesions at all.  But those women who do experience complications it can mean severe pain possible bowel obstruction and a long process of diagnosis as most adhesions are not visible on X-Rays, ultrasounds or other traditional diagnosing methods.

Adhesions are also difficult to treat.  To remove them requires more surgery which causes more adhesions.  This can lead to a surgical cycle that can be costly and often times unnecessary.

If you suspect adhesions are the result of your abdominal problems see you doctor to be sure you don’t have something else going on.  Most doctors diagnose adhesions through a process of elimination. In other words if your doctor can’t find anything else going on your pain will most likely be coming from adhesions.

When it comes to adhesions and scar tissue the best remedy is to try and prevent them in the first place and post C-Section massage has been found to help  fight and prevent adhesions.

How Post C-Section Massage Prevents Adhesion Complications

Post C-Section massage done as soon as possible after your C-Section is a good preventative measure to help avoid adhesion complications later on down the road.

Massaging your C-Section scar will help loosen the adhesion fibers so they don’t adhere to internal tissues and organs.  Getting an early start on adhesion formation goes a long way in preventing future complications.

Post C-Section massage is gentle abdominal massage that you can do yourself within about 3 to 4 weeks after having a C-Section.  The sooner you can begin this massage the better, however  I always recommend checking with your doctor first.

If you get the go ahead from your doctor to begin massage therapy you can actually do this yourself right at home.  Just a few minutes a day can help break up adhesions and new forming scar tissue.  When doing self massage it’s important to remember that proper hand placement and massage technique is important.

How To Perform Post C-Section Massage

Here’s a quick video on how to perform abdominal self massage at home.

For women suffering from more severe complications years after having a C-Section, professional myofascial massage from a licensed massage therapist will be the most effective.

For women who have chronic pelvic pain many months or years after their C-Section Learn how the Wurn Technique treats post-surgical adhesions and pain.  They have a free online guide that may help.

One other great option …Christina Hemming of Abdomend has a massage and meditations DVD that I also highly recommend. The DVD is only $12.95 and offers easy, quick tips for effective massage, stress release, and weight loss for daily use.

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