Tubal Ligation After C-Section – Procedure, Recovery & Reversal

tubal ligation after c-sectionWhen I had my second child I had a tubal ligation after my C-Section.

The procedure was easily done right at the time of my C-Section surgery and there was virtually no impact on recovery that I could tell.

However the biggest concerns for many women are how the tubal ligation after C-Section is done, the risks, recovery and reversing the procedure.

All great concerns that we’ll discuss here…

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Effects of C-Section Pain Medication When Breastfeeding

c-section pain medication when breastfeedingI’ve often heard that the effects of C-Section pain medication when breastfeeding are minimal and won’t harm baby. If you have to have any Back and Neck Injuries, you should definitely get them checked out.

I’ve also heard doctors recommend delaying breastfeeding for at least 2-3 days after surgery because pain medication can enter breast milk and is dangerous for baby.

So which is it?

And if C-Section pain medication does affect your breast milk how does it affect your baby?

The effects of C-Section pain medication on your baby depends on the medication.

For example, the use of oral medications such as Oxycodone* when breastfeeding not only cause infant drowsiness, it can cause central nervous system depression; even death according a drugs.com article on the use of Oxycodone while breastfeeding.

Now that’s scary to me.

Many C-Section pain medications used cause nothing more than some drowsiness in baby, however some medications offer more dangerous side effects for your baby.

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C-Section Recovery Advice Moms Should Take Seriously

c-section recovery adviceThere’s no shortage of C-Section recovery advice among your friends, relatives and the medical community.

Even on the web there are lots of tips and advice available — and for good reason. C-Section recovery is painful, long and exhausting. It can also rob you of quality bonding with your baby if you let it.

One of the biggest problems with recovering from a C-Section is that moms often miss out on important recovery advice.  Not because they haven’t heard it before but because they don’t take it seriously.  They rush their recoveries and take liberties that often result in complications, infections and more pain than is necessary.

Don’t make that mistake.

Be serious about your C-Section recovery and take the advice thousands of moms and doctors recommend for a speedier, more enjoyable recovery that’s not miserable.
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How To Heal Diastasis Recti After a C-Section

Diastasis Recti is the separation of the abdominal or ‘six pack muscles’ that causes belly “pooch” heal diastasis recti

The separation is caused by pressure inside the abdominal cavity pushing down and out.  It typically occurs in women who have large babies (over 9 pounds), multiple births or a C-Section birth.

For many women with Diastasis Recti the muscle gap often closes naturally, but for others it doesn’t and the result is the mommy ‘pooch’ we all hate. 🙁

But don’t despair; Diastasis Recti isn’t as bad as it sounds. You CAN reverse the condition and heal Diastasis Recti with specific, targeted, effective exercise that reduces the pressure and restores the correct muscle alignment. Continue reading

C-Section Risks for Future Pregnancies

C-Section Risks for Future PregnanciesCompared to a vaginal delivery there are several risks to having a C-Section, but did you know there are also C-Section risks for future pregnancies?

In other words, having a c-section with your first pregnancy could be risky for your next pregnancy.

Fortunately these risks are still quite rare, however my feeling is that with so many C-Sections occurring and so many women ‘choosing’ to have a C-Section it’s important for a woman to understand how C-Sections could affect future pregnancies, especially for women who choose to have a C-Section with no medical reason. Seek out pregnancy counseling dade city fl here.

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Get a Flat Stomach After C-Section With the MUTU System

mutu systemI’ve heard from and spoken to many women over the years who are more than discouraged with their “poochy” bellies after having a C-Section.

Many women are down right angry and discouraged that they can’t get rid of their bellies  no matter what they do …and unfortunately many of them have lost hope.

That discourages me too because there’s always hope, and despite the grim outlook  it is possible to actually get a flat stomach after having a baby.  But it goes deeper than simply exercising your ab muscles,  a flat stomach comes with achieving a strong midsection.

Strengthening  your core is the most effective way to tone your abs  and toned abs means a flat tummy.

Cardio and dieting burns fat, that’s true; but strength training is what makes your abs and mid section rock solid.

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