Multiple C-Sections: How Many Is Too Many?

multiple c-sectionsHaving multiple C-Sections can be risky. After all C-Sections are full abdominal surgery.

While having a C-Section may be the best thing for mom and/or baby it still compromises both mom and baby exposing you to certain health risks.

One C-Section isn’t terribly risky, even two C-Sections is tolerable but how many C-Sections is too many?

That’s a tough question when you consider there are moms who have had three, four, five, even as many as eight or more C-Sections without any issues.

However there are moms who have also had as few as two C-Sections and have had numerous complications.

The real answer for how many is too many C-Sections is different for every woman. There’s no one size fits all. If you talk to a mom who has has 5 or more C-Sections with no complications, you simply can’t assume that you won’t have complications either. Your body chemistry, age, weight, your overall health, even your genes can play a part in how well your body does with each subsequent C-Section surgery.

Even women who have had several C-Sections with no issues could still encounter future complications such as abdominal adhesions which often don’t become a problem until many years later.

The intention is to limit as much risk as possible when having a C-Section.  To help minimize these risks doctors recommend, on average, that a woman have no more than three c-sections, but as we all know many women go on to have many more than that.  Fortunately many of these women have done fine and will even boast the fact.  However, each time they undergo another surgery they put themselves and their babies at greater risk.

Let’s start by looking at those risks and complications a little closer.

What Are The Specific Risks Of Having Multiple C-Sections?

  • Scar tissue on the uterus and/or organs. Adhesions, also known as scar tissue form after each C-Section and they occur in the majority of people who have any type of abdominal surgery. Adhesions can make subsequent C-Sections more difficult causing the surgery to take longer. If abdominal adhesions are extensive they can cause abdominal and bowel problems years later.
  • Possible Bladder and/or bowel injuries.  Bowel and bladder injuries increase due to adhesions that have developed. Sometimes the bladder adheres to the uterus and and separation can cause injury.
  • Heavy bleeding or Blood transfusions. The risk of heavy bleeding increases with each subsequent C-Section as does the risk of hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding.  The risk of a hysterectomy increases from .65% after the first C-Section to over 2.4% with 4 or more C-Sections.
  • Placental problems such Placenta Accreta and Placenta Previa.

 In some cases the amount of scar tissue can become problematic for a doctor and s(he) may recommend you avoid future pregnancies or perhaps recommend a tubal ligation. For many women this is not an acceptable solution, especially if they’re planning a large family.

Today many women avoid having multiple c-sections by having a VBAC or Vaginal birth after A C-Section. VBAC’s are slowly becoming more accepted by doctors and VBAC support is growing; especially for women who have had only one previous C-Section, which is great news for moms who really do NOT want more surgery. The bad news is that your chances of a successful, safe VBAC lessen with every C-Section you have.

If having more children is in your plan but you’ve already had 2 or more C-Sections, give your body sufficient time to heal between surgeries. Preferably 20-24 months from the time of your last C-Section to your next expected delivery.  Having C-Section surgeries too close together increases the risk of uterine rupture, so the longer your internal incision can heal, the better.

As another precaution, check with your doctor on using methods that can help prevent C-Section adhesions and scar tissue.  Adhesions can be problematic in the future for women who have had multiple C-Section deliveries.

Something else to note is that even your choice of doctor can make a difference.  Every doctor is also different, they have different surgical styles, techniques and concerns. It’s not easy to know which doctor is the best choice, however I’d highly recommend researching your doctor first.  Look closely at his track record. Find out his track record on patient infections,  complaints and overall satisfaction.

Elizabeth  🙂

P.S. Don’t go under the C-Section knife again without the facts.  For more in-depth knowledge and advice on C-Section Birth and recovery , grab the Worry Free C-Section Guide  – Now on Kindle!

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230 thoughts on “Multiple C-Sections: How Many Is Too Many?

  1. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Mercy,

    Unfortunately I can’t make predictions on outcomes or risks. The good news is that you may not have issues at all with this pregnancy. In my experience it really depends on how well you communicate with your doctor and how well you follow his direction. The good news is that your last C-Section was 5 years ago. The longer you wait between surgeries the better as your body has a good chance to completely heal. Speak at length with your doctor. Having another C-Section is not necessarily a problem with close doctor care. Having had several surgeries as yourself does present risks such as adhesions and it sounds like you had adhesions if you had an abdominal obstruction, but of course I don’t know all the details of the issues you were having. My advice is not to worry, instead find a doctor you trust and talk with him/her about your concerns. That’s the best way to ensure a healthy birth for you and baby 🙂

  2. Mercy says:

    I’vre had 3 cs and one major surgery 2 weeks after the first surgery making it four surgeries between 2009 and 2012, the first surgery was actually 2009 May, a corrective surgery in June same 2009 due to abdominal obstruction, i had another cs in 2011 and 2012, right now i just discovered am 4 weeks pregnant after 5 years, i am afraid and of d and c,, should i or should i ry another cs anfd what chances do i have, pls explain d goodnews and d risks involved

  3. Tanisha carson says:

    Hi I’ve had 5 csections my first in99 ,2nd 2004,3rd 2009 ,4th 2012 ,5th 2014 I tied my tubes with the last csection and as a precaution they did vertical incision on the outside and horizontal on the uterus itself. No complications but I’m with the man of my dreams and he and I want a child together. I have a lot of adhesions and scar tissue but I do want another child . I did not need any transfusions or long hospital stay for monitoring . I’m wondering if I’d be high risk and where I should go about searching for doctors. Also is there a way to check the weakness of the uterus?

  4. julie says:

    I’m Julie and I’ve lived with unexplained infertility my whole life, never being able to achieve a pregnancy.At age 26, I had some cells frozen off my cervix as a result of having a pre-cancerous condition. Then I went about living my life, traveling, learning, enjoying, loving, never realizing my fertility was dwindling, always confident I could have kids at any age- why hurry?along the line i met with a friend who directed me to Dr prince idialu who help me with fertility herbal supplement which i take and after surprisingly i got pregnant and now i am a mother for help or other contact hi via: or call +278107996889

  5. Wanee says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I have had 4 c sections, and had the last one recently. But God loves my son and he left us after 5 days. Doc said my scar looks fine and she said I can get pregnant again after 1 year. However, I had my tube tied. So, we think of trying for IVF with twin. Is it risky for me to carry twin after multiple c sections before? Are the scar tissues can make the twin pregnancy not possible? Thank you

  6. Sara says:

    Hello im 20 years old pregnant with my second due feb 8th i wanted to know if in 13 years i wanted a third child will having another csection cause complications???

  7. Tiffany says:

    Just wanted to share my experiences: ) I’ve had four c sections, my first two were only 17 months apart with no problems, my first was due to my son being over 9 lbs I couldn’t get him out. However three years later here came another and just three months after I had my third I found out I was pregnant again…scary but everything was perfectly fine, I had placenta previa with all four and doctors were concerned because I’m anemic, but no blood transfusions or anything! planning on another one and my youngest is only 9months old: )

  8. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Darla,

    A VBAC would probably be unlikely as you may not be able to find a doctor willing to do a VBAC after 4 C-Sections and a reverse tubal. The risk of uterine rupture with a vbac is about 1% after 1 C-Section but the risk rises with each subsequent C-Section you’ve had. I personally wouldn’t recommend a VBAC but it’s really something you should discuss with your doctor. You may be able to find a doctor that supports VBA2+C’s and will have a good contingency plan if your VBAC looks not to be successful.

    There are so many things to consider, your age, time between C-Sections which in your case is good, so that’s a plus. Amount of adhesions can also make a difference and of course your overall health. These are all things your doctor will consider.

    Hope all goes well for you, whatever you decide to do 🙂


  9. Darla S says:

    I just turned 40 and I have had 4 c sections with in 6 yr time frame last one was over 10 yrs ago, I am thinking of having tubes untied and trying again with new husband what are the risks as far as ruptured uterus and vbac?

  10. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    20 months from your last C-Section is a safe guideline. Actually 17 months out is not bad timing and is a good amount of time to let your body heal from your last C-Section. If you are pregnant simply discuss this with your doctor. Chances are you will do fine. 🙂

  11. Tiffany says:

    Curious about your comment “20 months from your last csection until the time you deliver” I think I am pregnant now, between 8 and 9 months after my 2nd c section. If I am I would be due in 3/2016 which would be 17 months from my last csection, is that what you are referring to? If I am pregnant it was a total oopsies and I am terrified….

  12. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Honestly Kristina, there aren’t many doctors that will do a VBAC on a patient that has had as many surgeries as you’ve had with lots of scar tissue. I do understand you not wanting another C-Section, believe me I do, but chances are you’ll be creating even more problems for yourself and risk for baby by trying a VBAC.

  13. kristina says:

    I have had 2 C Sections, one in 2000, then one in 2008. The first was due to my daughter weighing 10 lbs 5.5 oz and only dilating to a one 24 hours after my water broke, the second was simply because of the first, smaller baby then only 7 lbs 4 oz. Since the 2008 surgery I have had my appendix removed, gallbladder removed, and an umbilical hernia repair with mesh. I have also had a laparoscopic exploratory surgery. I am now 13 weeks pregnant with baby 3, and I don’t want another C Section. The previous 2 are the cause of the hernia and the exploratory surgery that found a lot of scar tissue, which causes pain on a daily basis. Would any doctor allow me to have a VBAC? My doctor said C Section, period, he doesn’t do VBAC’s, but the pain, scar tissue, and healing time are just something I do not want to do again.

  14. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Elise,

    The success rate for a tubal ligation ranges from about 40%-80%, which is a big range. Your success really depends on a few things:

    1. The type of tubal ligation procedure you had. Here’s a helpful page that explains the various Tubal procedures and their reversal rates

    2. How much of the Fallopian tubes actually remain. This determines how well they will work once again.

    3. How much scar tissue you have from your past C-Sections

    4. Your age. Pregnancy is always more successful the younger you are.

    I also think it depends on your surgeon and how skilled s(he) is at the reversal so it will help to have a good surgeon with a high success rate.

    The chances of having a VBAC after 5 C-Sections and a tubal reversal aren’t too good. Most doctors won’t do a VBAC after that many prior surgeries, but that’s not to say it hasn’t been done 🙂 Finding the right doctor and hospital who supports VBAC’s and isn’t afraid to have you try for a VBAC will help, but honestly that type of doctor and hospital may be hard to come by.

    I hope that helps you Elise and I wish you the best of luck with getting pregnant again.


  15. Elise says:

    Hi, I have had 5 c-sections and want one more baby but have had a tubal ligation done so we are just curious if we were to get the tubal ligation reversed and have one more c-section what would the chances be of that happening ?? Even if is not by caeser but by veeback ? Also another question came to mind is i have a block in my birth canal so what would be the chances of having natural birth anyway ?

  16. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Krystal,

    It is possible but perhaps not likely. With 2 C-Sections and a tubal there is likely extensive scar tissue however there can be many things that determine whether or not you have a vaginal birth. For example, why did you have your prior C-Sections? The reasons for your prior C-Sections could cause you to have a C-Section again. Your overall health can determine whether or not a C-Section is needed as well. Speak to your doctor about this. He is the best one to help you know whether or not a C-Section is likely.

  17. krytal says:

    I have had a c-section,vaginal,c-section and tubal reversal. In that order. When I concieve again I badly want to have a vaginal. Is this possible.

  18. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Jazz,

    Once you have 1 successful VBAC you can have several VBAC’s.

    Having one C-Section limits the risk of having a VBAC or vaginal birth, so generally speaking if your VBAC is successful and you don’t need another C-Section you are good to go for VBAC’s for all the rest of your births, provided you don’t have any complications or medical concerns that would require another C-Section.


  19. Jazz says:

    Hi i have 5 children all delivered normally, in september 2014 i had to have a c-section with my 6th baby, due to having a cord prolapse. I really want more children, the question i have is how many VBAC can i have?
    I look forward to your reply xx

  20. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Minakshi,

    It will be hard to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-Section) after having 2 C-Sections. That’s not to say it isn’t possible, the problem is that most doctors and hospitals won’t do it. After 2 or more C-Sections they become very concerned about uterine rupture.

    Having said that, there are still doctors and hospitals out there that will allow a VBAC, however it’s often hard to find them, especially if you live in a remote area. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

    I’d encourage you to visit these websites and look into finding doctors that support vbac’s. But I also encourage you to talk at length with your existing doctor. Sometimes the reasons for your last C-Sections are are necessary reasons to have one again, for example health issues you may have.

    I so understand your concern about having more surgery and I’m a big proponent of the VBAC but there are so many health variables that make it unsuitable for everyone, however look at these websites and see if they are helpful. Any detailed questions you have I’d be happy to help you with 🙂


  21. Minakshi says:

    I had a 2nd C-Section this 3rd Jan 2014. I have consived again in Dec 2014. But I m very much confused about it as I don’t want to be operated again. Could you plz help me by providing ur support

  22. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Hellen,

    After 4 C-Sections a vaginal birth is hard to come by. Most doctors would be very fearful of uterine rupture.

    However it has been done. In fact here’s a link to Cheryl’s post where she had a VBAC after 4 C-Setions, so it can happen.

    If you’d like a Vagainal birth I’d encourage you to try. Check with doctors that support it and discuss it.

    I’d also love it if you’d check back and let me know how it goes 🙂


  23. Hellen says:

    Hey my name is Hellen I had a question for Elizabeth I had 4 c-section and im very scared to have another one i wanted to know if there is anyway I can have a normal birth

  24. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Esther,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    You’re never wasting your time asking about your wishes when it comes to birth. It will have been almost 4 years since your last C-Section so I would definitely ask your doctor about a VBAC. There are many women who have had 2 sections and had a successful VBAC. The only down side I can see is that you may have a large baby. That makes doctors nervous when it comes to a VBAC, but don’t let that discourage you. I’d ask 🙂

    If you don’t mind I’d be interested to know what your doctor says and how things turn out.


  25. Esther says:

    I’m 38 years old with 3 children 20 yrs/vaginal , 5yrs/c-section, 3yrs/c-section and one on the way I’m 2 months pregnant in very good health I don’t know the reason why I had my first c-section but my second one was too big, he was 9″11 so I had 2 c-sections and want to know would I be waisting my time to ask my doctor about having the VBAC

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lotta,

    I would venture to say that having had a uterine rupture it would not be a good idea to get pregnant again, but medically speaking I’m not absolutely sure. This is something you’d have to speak to your doctor about. But you’re compounding that with having your tubes tied and a reversal may complicate things.

    I certainly understand your situation but I’d speak with your doctor and ask what kind of shape your uterus is in. Also what the risks of getting pregnant again might be.

    I do wish you the best of luck and hope things work out for you 🙂


  27. Lotta says:

    Hi I have had 2 C-sections and a VBAC. My first C-section was due to toxemia which i developed late in my pregnancy. My second bith was a VBAC, and the doctor I had was great and he would settle for nothing other than a vaginal..He said he just knew that I could do it. My third child was C-section. I was going for another vaginal but my daughters heart rate kept dropping and they knew something was not right so the rushed me in for an emergency c-section, and this was also after i had been induced as well. When the doctor cut me open then they were able to see that my uterus had ruptured, and I was not looking at having other kids so I had my tubes tied as well. The doctor also thought this was a good idea because having children after this did not seem as if it was a good idea. I have since divorced and remarried and I now want another child. I am in the process of having my tubes reversed but am wondering if this would be good because of my last rupture. It has been 10 years since my last and I am now 35. Can you please help with some guidance on this.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Brandi,

    I so understand your concern but you must try not to worry. Easy for me to say, right 🙂

    I find that doctors don’t say too much about this because there’s not much they can do other than to watch you closely and try to make sure they schedule or C-Section in a timely manner so you don’t go into labor. They also don’t want you to worry. Stabbing pains may indeed be due to ligament pain which is quite common. And the cramping is often a reminder to take it easy.

    Unfortunately all you can really do at this point is take it one day at a time, rest and take it easy. However, if something instinctively doesn’t feel right call your doctor. It may be nothing but it at least it forces someone to take a look. If nothing else it may help you feel better. And so what if it’s nothing? That’s what your doctor is there for.

    For what it’s worth, try to relax and keep your mind on fun things. I hope your feeling better soon though.

    Elizabeth 🙂

  29. Brandi says:

    Hi I have had 3 c sections and 2 ectopic removals where they went through the same incision as the c sections. I am now pregnant with my 4th child and am having another c section however im nervous about uterine rupture before my scheduled c section. I have tried to talk to my physician about my concerns however they fall on deaf ears. I have been experiencing a lot of stabbing pains as well as cramping and the doctors only response is its probably ligament pain.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Crystal,

    Thank you for telling us your story. It’s testimony to how dangerous so many surgeries can be.

    I certainly hope your pain lessens as time goes on.

    Take care,

  31. Crystal says:

    I have 6 kids. First child I had normal. I went and had 3 kids after having my 1st child these 3 were by c-section. Then had my tubes tied cut & burned. I then wanted more kids.I went and had my tubes reversed. I had 2 more kids by csection. Then I went and had my tubes tied again. I have had a total of 5 c-sections. Along with getting my tubes tied then getting them reversed then getting them tied back. I have had alot of surgeries in same c-section area. I advice no one to do all these surgeries like I did. It is very dangerous. My last baby about died from taking so long to cut through the scar tissue. To this day, I have severe stomach pains from so much scar tissue.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Brianna,

    I would have to say that a vaginal birth would be too risky. I say that because of the issues you’ve had with pre-eclampsia, toximia, severe hypertension and diabetes. Also each C-Section makes it less likely to have a vaginal birth and you’ve already had 4, what’s more is your last C-Section was just 6 months ago. As an observer I would say that you and your baby are safer with a C-Section.

    I believe it is possible that you could make it to term, but honestly, that’s not something I could predict. However just from your comment I would guess that you are a very strong person, but I would think that your big concern now is adequate rest, but with two babies under a year I know that will be difficult for you. I assume your doctor is treating your for the hypertension and that you have adequate monitoring. Here’s some more information you can read that may be helpful:

    I truly hope things go well for you. For what it’s worth, you’re in my thoughts and prayers that things go well. And always Keep a positive outlook. Also Brianna, let me know how things turn out 🙂

    Elizabeth **Hugs**

  33. brianna says:

    Hi elizabet i am 3 months pregnant and this will be my 5th c-section my son who is 9 years old was delivered by an emergancy c-section due to severe pre-eclampsia and toximia than i got pregnant right away and had a baby a year later she is now 8 that c-section was an emergancy because of pre-clampsia so after that i waited seven years now i have a 16 month old and a six month old babys and im 3 months pregnant my 16 month old was a really good c-section it was normal and pre scheduled at 37 weeks but i did bleed out alot but they were able to stop the bleeding and my 6 month old was severe i got pre-clampsia and during the emergancy c-section my body would not numb they tried the spinal tap and uperderal several times my body was rejecting the medicine so the had to put me under general anestisia and i missed my daugter being born i didnt get to see it cuz i was asleep but now that i am 3 months pregnant again and i just had a baby 6 months ago i am wanting to do a natural vaginal birth this time but i am also a type 2 diabetic with sever hypertension is it possible for me to go natural vaginally ? also is it possible that i will make it to term and have a healthy baby i am concerned that the out come this time might not be so good?

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Leona,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so sorry you have to be in bed. I know that must be hard for you, especially with other children.

    Yes, it is normal to feel a little pain around your incision, especially after 3 C-sections. Just keep an eye on it but I’d also let your doctor know next time you see him/her.

    Take care and keep us posted as to how things go.

    Elizabeth 🙂

  35. Leona says:

    I am currently lying in bed because of light spotting and what I think are stretching feelings in the uterous. This will be my fourth cesearean, because I would be crazy to do it any other way as unfortunate as that is. My first was in 1999, second 2007, third september 2010 and this one is due in January of 2013 (kinda close being five months shy of the ideal two years, but it was not intentional). I know that the spotting is probably nothing and I was told to rest and go the hospital if anything becomes worse or painful by my doctors assistent. I wanted to let you know that you ladies have really helped me feel alot better about all this. Is it normal to feel slight pain around the scar tissue?

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  37. Katie says:

    Hi everyone, I have an emergency c-section with my first son after 13 hours of labor and the doctor was after his shoulders wouldn’t fit I was 16. My second was a VBAC, My third was a planned c-section because my daughter was transverse and kept flipping but the dr. insisted then she told me during the labor I was always have c-sections from now on. I was so mad. She didn’t inform me about this before trying to wait my daughter was born 3 weeks premature due to the dr. wanting me to go in early. My epidural was messed up and started wearing off when they were stiching me up. They gave me an extra dose of some other medicine to numb me again. The nurse I had after labor didn’t know that I had to sit up at a 90 degree angle for 2 days. Oh after the painful delivery and recovery I went home to a week of a spinal headache and the emergency room telling me they couldn’t help me. I am now pregnant with my 4th and my dr. told me no one will deliver me vbac, and I am going to have a c-section. I would rather sit home, labor and take my risk then going through with another c section. I live in Maryland and have Kaiser Permente I am trying to find someone who will let me have this VBAC …. Please Help ,,Many Thanks in advance

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Shannon, Sure, don’t be afraid to discuss your questions and concerns with your doctor. Granted, some doctors are better at discussing than others, but I think it’s important that they know your concerns and spend time in discussion.

    Good luck in your new town and I hope things go well for you 🙂


  39. Shannon says:

    HI Elizabeth, I ment to comment back to you to say thank you for everything you said.
    I’ve been real busy, my husband and I are still discusing a 2nd child. Prob not this year but hopefully next year. Or whenever God feels is the right time.

    I will keep in touch and will have to contact a dr. I’m in a new town/city, just moved so I don’t know anyone here. Should I just go into a check up and ask the dr. about a 3rd c-section?

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Layla, I don’t think being thin increases your risks, however adhesions can cause pain, and organ complications such as bowel obstruction. You may not necessarily have those problems now but they can develop in the future.

    If you have another c-section, your doctor will have to cut through the adhesions in order to get to the baby. For women who have had more than 3 c-Sections this could take ten minutes to an hour or maybe even more, and if you are subject to an emergency this could place your baby at risk.

  41. Layla says:

    Hi I’m 23 and have had 3 csections and wanting anothr baby, my last csection was a year ago, the doc did say I had a lot of adhesion. What problems could this bring and does being really skinny have anything to do with increasing risks I weigh 101.


  42. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Laurie, Thank you, THANK YOU for that information.! That’s so good to know.

    The adhesions issue is different for everyone but those that have issues with it, seem to REALLY have issues with it. I’m so glad that you’re in the clear. Placental issues can be a problem but, again, that’s not to say you absolutely will. These are basically just things to stay aware of.

    So thank you again Laurie for keeping me up to date on this. This is the kind of information that will help other women. 🙂


  43. Laurie says:

    Hi, Elizabeth ~

    I wrote you about two years ago asking your opinion on the safety of multiple c-sections. Specifically, if you thought four might be a relatively safe number if my doctor didn’t notice anything strange after a third. Just wanted to update you that we’ve since had our third and our doc said there were no adhesions or scar tissue to speak of in my case. He did say that I stood about a 1-2% chance of facing a serious placental issue, statistically speaking, but that if I waited a year or so before becoming pregnant, things would probably be okay. He had just delivered a woman’s fifth child by c-section a month prior and almost lost her due to placenta previa. An emergency hysterectomy saved her life. In 20 years of practice, he’d never seen that, but he wanted to let me know that problems can arise. Anyway, just wanted to let you know my experience and update you on our life. Thanks, again, for the help you provide women through your work.


  44. Elizabeth says:

    I so understand how having yet another surgery would scare you. I’ll be the first to say, too many surgeries isn’t good for your body.

    I’m not into shock and horror but I want women to be aware. Having said that, if your last surgeries went well and your scar tissue isn’t too bad, then chances are good but always remember that ‘any’ surgery presents risk so discuss it with your doctor. That can often give you clues about whether it’s the right thing to do or not and your doctor can offer some good feedback as well. 🙂

  45. Emma Gilbert says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I am 33 and have had 4 previous c-sections. Sadly our first daughter passed away shortly after delivery due to complications. We went on to have three more healthy daughters aged 10, 6 and 1 and would very much like one more. Admittidly I have some concerns of having a fifth c-section. As far as i’m aware all the surgeries went well, during my last section I asked the doctor how the scarring looked inside and she said considering the amount of surgeries I’d had everything looked in good order. This has given me some hope but I still feel in need more positive feedback rather than shock and horror from anyone i mention the mere thought of having another child to!!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Shannon, I’m so sorry about your first son **hugs** Your story brought a tear to my eye 🙁

    As much as I want to tell you that your next birth has every chance of going well I still I completely understand your fears. I’d feel the same way.

    Having another surgery isn’t preferred but it is doable. Many women have had 3 section and some even more than that. The fact that your last C/S went well and that your son was healthy is a very good sign. One thing I do suggest is to discuss this with your doctor and get his/her feedback. However your challenge will be not to worry. Fear and anxiety can be so unhealthy.

    For me personally, I’m very religious person and I give my fears up to God. Prayer is very powerful and it will give you strength. Pray about your wants and needs and ask God to give you direction. Then go with your gut feeling. Whatever happens then simply keep up your prayers and stay positive 🙂

    Whatever happens Shannon, keep in touch. I’d be interested in how things turn out for you. For what it’s worth, I will keep you in my prayers too.

    Elizabeth 🙂

  47. Elizabeth says:

    HI Aisha, I DO NOT recommend an abortion. You are pregnant for a reason and that child has a right to a chance at life. I realize this may be scary for you considering your last pregnancy but with proper care and monitoring by your doctor you have every chance that things will go well this time. All of the things that you had problems with last time you need to discuss with your doctor. Find out what s(he) suggests, then follow a healthy diet and take extra good care of yourself, but get the advice you need from a doctor.

    I hope that helps,
    Elizabeth 🙂

  48. Shannon says:

    Hello, In October 2006, I was 23 when I had my frist child, a son. Before he was born the doctoers told me he had a heart problem.So My doc didn’t not want to try a vag birth and pushed us to have a c-section. He said there was too much risk of his heart beating too fast during birth. So we opted for the c-section. The first year was terrrible with our son. Logan. He had to have two heart surgerys, in and out of the hospital, we had to feed him thoguh a tube in his stomach and in the end he passed away from an infection after his second surgery. He was only 11 months old. 🙁

    After a year and half after his passing I became pregant again. I was 26, and I was soo sared because of what happend with my frist son. Heart problems did not run in our family and I’m pretty healthy and not overweight so my doc told me it was prob just a fluke and not to worry. So in November of 2009 I had my second son, Draven via c-section. I wanted to try a VBAC but no doc’s in my surrounding area would do it. My son Draven came out healthy with no problems.

    Now I am 28 (soon to be 29 in a few weeks) and my husband and I would like to have another child. Our ideal choice was always 2 kids. No more no less. But I am very scared to have a 3rd c-section. Also the thought of having another child with a heart problem is always in the back of my mind. I’m just scared I guess. I would love to have another child but I am soo soo scared. I don’t want my son to be an only child. I was and it was lonely. I don’t want Draven to feel the same. I want him to have a sibling.

    Both of my c-sections went fine, no problems. (that I know of anyway) My doc never said anything other than when I was getting my stiches out he said ” You heal very well.” I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

    Just wanting some advice and opinion on this.
    Thanks so much in advance.

    Shannon 🙂

  49. Aisha says:

    I forgot to tell u now I m 6 weeks pregnant but I m not sure .my friends are suggesting that it could be risky as my last pregnancy was very difficult but u know it’s not easy to go for abortion but if there
    Is any risk than I can go for it

  50. Aisha says:

    Hi mam

    I m 32 years old my name is aisha . I have had three c section .my first c section was done because my blood pressure was high it was done in nov 2005 .My second pregnancy was fine but the doctor didn’t want to take any risk and it was repeat c section . But my third delivery was the most difficult one 2009 march. I had gestational diabetes and I was on insulin plus my amniotic fluid was low in my last trimester and used to have detailed ultra sound every other day. Than I had these cold sores In my mouth and I literally didn’t eat solid for like two weeks after that I developed this parroted gland infection so to cut the story short my last pregnancy was so difficult and now after 2 1 /2 years I m pregnant and it is totally unplanned I don’t know what to do is it safe for me my all s sections were done on same abdominal scars I would appreciate If u suggest me my husband says I should not go for it . What do u think is it going to be difficult or what …..

  51. HpyMommaof4 says:

    Thank you so much Elizabeth, I will make an appt and talk with her personally! Have a wonderful evening, and thanks for getting back to my asap..

  52. Elizabeth says:

    Hi hpymommaof4,

    It’s impossible for me to know what your outcome would be having another C-Section. Your doctor doesn’t recommend another C/S because having had so many prior surgeries you are at risk of more adhesions as well as the risk of uterine rupture. There are women who have had upwards of 5 C-sections or more with no problems yet there have been women with just 2 or 3 C-sections that have had many problems. It’s just hard to predict.

    If you’ve had no prior problems or complications I’d say your chances are good that you won’t have any problems this time, but that’s really a question for your doctor as she knows you and your history better than anyone else would. Try to read her reaction and if she thinks getting pregnant again and having another C-Section is a bad idea, get her reasons and discuss it with her openly.

    Hope that helps and best of luck to you 🙂

  53. HpyMommaof4 says:

    hello, I am 34 years old, I have had 3 c sections and 1 tubal reversal surgery. My first c section was in 1994, another in 1998 tubal reversal in 2003 and another c section in 2009 I am wanting to try and conceive which of course if I do, it would result in another c section, with my last one the doc did say she did not recommend getting pregnant again, but never said why. Could you shed some light on this and if I was to get pregnant what are the chances of it being ok. All my c sections healed perfectly, all my pregnancies were full term, no complications. Thanks in advance…

  54. Arianna says:

    I think we all have to remember that every pregnancy comes with a risk. The best thing is to consult your doctor and weigh each choice. I personally haven’t had a C-section, but have had a tubal ligation. I’m now wanting another child and am very displeased with my tubal ligation.

    There IS a possibility of issues arising after a tubal ligation, and it’s known as PTLS (post tubal ligation syndrome). It includes longer, heavier periods, more cramping, depression, irregular periods, and many hormonal changes.

    So saying that there isn’t a risk of doing a tubal ligation is incorrect. Also, with recent advancements in procedures, a tubal reversal is a minimally-invasive procedure done lapriscopically and has up to a 90% success rate depending on age, time since tubal, and tubal type.

  55. Sonia gonzalez says:

    Hi im 42 years old and ive had 10 csections and the drs always tould me you can only have 3 but i had 10 and we all came out fine with a good dr its possible

  56. Elizabeth says:

    Clari02, Your doctor can’t really tell how much scar tissue you have without going in there and looking. X-rays and scans don’t pick up the scar tissue.

  57. Clari02 says:

    thank you for answering my 1st question. my 2nd would be can my doctor tell if a have a lot of scar tissue before the next c section?

  58. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Clari02, they do generally cut over the same scar, they did for me. However there are doctors that make a new cut for various reasons, for example if there’s a lot of scar tissue around the first incision they make a new one. This would be a good question to ask your doctor.

  59. Clari02 says:

    i had a cesarian for my 1st baby 6 almost 7 months ago do to not dilating as i was suppost too. my birth control method was condoms. at the beggining of this month me and my husband were having sex and the condom broke and we hadnt notice. the day after that i was suppost to ovulate and i have had a missed period seens am still waiting to next month to take tEST.But am sure i am because i have regular periods and had it after pregnacy regular question is will they re open in the same place they opened my other cesarian if i was to be pregnant??

  60. Rebecca says:

    Hello. I am having my third child next Wednesday by elective C section. I am terrified as I had problems after the first one as a result of the spinal block, had a general with my second and all was fine and am now being given a spinal block again as I have edema on my throat (I have pre-eclampsia) so they cannot risk putting a tube down.

    I’ve been told they are going to cut me much higher over my abdomen (I am 16 stone and this is to allow the scar to heal without being under skin – sorry if this is too much info). They said it would be cut higher but still open my uterus lower down and would me a more complex than normal op but allow the external scar to heal better. Is this something you have heard of? I’ve tried talking to my obstericial but she is very dismissive and I feel like i’m being a fraidy cat and also ashamed of being bigger than most people so I tend to just shut up and do what i’m told.

    I’m a bit freaked out that I will have a higher external scar but all the real pain will still be lower but unseen? Also not sure if it’s going to take longer to heal that way or if it’s just a bigger scar on the outside but the inside will be the same as everyone else? They mentioned that I have probably got scar tissue from a messy first c section and they don’t want to open it again incase I lose too much blood.

    Thank you.

  61. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kimberley,

    You’re actually a good candidate for a VBAC, however doctors do worry about them because of the risk of uterine rupture, I think they want the best for their patients but I also think that it’s in part due to legal considerations, unfortunately. There is a good article on the topic here that might give you a little more information to go on:

    Keep in mind that the risk of uterine rupture after 1 C-section is about 1%, you also have 3 years between births which is something in your favor as well.

    I think a Doula can help with a VBAC. She can act as a professional intermediary between you and your doctor. She’ll ask the questions you may not think to ask and will interpret them to you in a way you can understand.

    But I feel your concern, it’s scary when someone mentions uterine rupture, but a Doula can help. As long as you are in the hospital setting and there’s an emergency plan in place things should be OK. The hardest part is getting doctors that advise another C-Section to go along with it. Also some hospitals don’t allow VBAC’s so you have to look into that as well.

    I would schedule a discussion with your doctor and your Doula, when you get one. Discuss openly your wishes and see what your doctor can do for you. If he’s completely against it, you’ll at least know where you stand. I hope I’ve helped 🙂 Best of luck to you.

    Let me know what happens, I’d be interested to follow up with you 🙂

  62. Kimberley says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    My name is Kim,Im 26yrs old.I found this thread very helpful. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second child-first was in Nov 08 via c-section due to fetal distress after 14hrs labour and dialating to 6cm. My recovery was great, no complications.Im still deciding wheather to attempt a VBAC or just have an elective c-section,my doc advises me to have the elective done because of the risks of uterine rupture. Im scared to have a vbac,but i really do want to have a natural birth coz id like to have more than just 3kids. Do you think having a doula will help me through a successful vbac?
    Also, if i had the elective c-section…would recovery be longer than the first? and would they need to cut a new section?

    Also,Iv also just recently had an outbreak of leisions. Does that mean il have to have an elective anyway?

    worried much!!

  63. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Mando, with so many surgeries adhesions can be a risk, however if you’re last two C-sections went well and you’re not suffering complications from adhesions that’s a good sign that you’re not as vulnerable to the risks. If you’re not sure it always helps to discuss this with your doctor 🙂

  64. mando says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Iam a 32 yrs old, I had a myomectomy done in 2005, in 2008 had my first baby, in 2010 had my second baby, both via c-section. I would like to have more babies but scared of complications that may arise. Please advice

  65. Gabriela says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I had my first c-section a week after my due date, January 15 2009 due to babies heartbeat the c-section was a success, three months later i got pregnant again. The doctor explained about the risk of a uterine rupture if i had a c-section or a normal delivery i could bleed to death or get an infection and lose my baby but if i chose to i could have a normal delivery, he couldn’t decide for me…on January 22,2010 i started having contractions, when i got to the hospital i was 5cm dilated i was too scared to have a normal delivery so i went for the c-section everything turned out great, I didn’t lose any blood didn’t get any infection.
    The doctors recommended to wait at least 5 years to have another baby. I couldn’t get my tubes tight because i’m too young 23 years old.
    Now almost 2 years later i’m pregnant again and my question to you is…Could it be too soon to have another baby or is there a possibility that everything is going to be fine like the last 2, since is my third c-section?

  66. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Akon, If your partner has had 1 c-section already the risk of uterine rupture is about 1% with a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), which is low. Because of this low risk many women do attempt a VBAC and many are successful, however if you’ve had 2 or more C-sections, the risk of uterine rupture goes up.

    I would discuss having a VBAC with your doctor. S(he) knows your partner’s history and is in a much better position than I am to advise you on what to do.

    If you do have another C-Section it will also be a low transverse cut. Unless there is some acute emergency, most C-Sections, first time and all subsequent, will have a low transverse cut. Good luck with your new baby and many blessings 🙂

  67. Akon says:

    My partner is 36 weeks pregnant,she had a c-section last year August 2010 due to fetal distress and become pregnant again in January 2011 because our child died in October same year when she was 1 month and some weeks, now we are planning for her delivery towards the end of this month. Can it be possible for her to deliver Vaginaly, how will be the risk of uterine rapture, the scar is horizontal/transverse. Will it be possibe for here to be done transverse c-section again if she is opted for c-section? Please help me

  68. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tara, You are so right, having a good, capable doctor makes all the difference. It’s also true, we get so much varying advice that it can be confusing not to mention overwhelming. I’m a big advocate of talking it out with your doctor first as your doctor knows you, your body and your history. Talking to too many women can be confusing as every woman’s body and experiences are different.

    Thanks Tara for your great feedback 🙂

  69. tara lake says:

    Hi my name is Tara. I have five children all born by c-section all without complictions. I had the usual pain afterwards but have always healed well. I seperated from my husband and myself and my new partner are trying for a baby, which will be my 6th c-section. I have found that you get different advice from so many different people, I found a really good hospital not my local with positive doctors who made me feel so at ease. My 5th section was my best out of them all. I know people need to know the risks but it makes such a difference if you have a good doctor! I have found your pages really helpful, I think 3 or more c-sections seem to be such a taboo subject, it is a worrying time and it helps to talk to others ho have gone through the same things.

  70. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Ashley, it’s hard to tell how your next pregnancy will go, each pregnancy is different, however if you got sick from the epidural you will want to go over that with your doctor, that could be a problem again so if there’s are other options your doctor can suggest you may want to try those.

    If you’d like a vaginal birth next time go in with the intention of having one. Talk with your doctor about it and make sure s(he) and your hospital will support having a VBAC. Good luck 🙂

  71. Ashly says:

    Hi my names ashly and I had my son 20 months ago via emergency c-section. I was wondering if I would ever have one natural? They said they had to take him c-section because first I got sick from the epidural and then his blood pressure drop low, then when he was taking out they said that my umbilical cord was the shortest one they have ever seen and then fourth he wasn’t breathing. But all is good now and I’m think about trying to get pregnant again but I’m scared Tht I will have complications any advise? And he was 2 week early and I went into labor on my own 12 hours and was dilated to a 5

  72. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Jasmine, Please don’t be scared. As long as you’re under a doctor’s care you’re not likely to die. Your baby may be at risk however. You may also need another C-Section. But assuming you are in good health, having another C-section would not be life threatening.

    Focus on taking good care of yourself, get plenty of rest if you can and keep close contact with your doctor 🙂

  73. jasmine says:


  74. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Tavius, Thank you for your comment. You are right, finding the right doctor makes a big difference. Unfortunately many parts of the country, and world, aren’t so lucky and many women don’t know enough about C-sections to ask the right questions, they’re often caught off guard.

    Thanks so much for your feedback, you are a ray of hope 🙂

  75. Tavius says:

    Hi I have had 7 yes 7 c section! I am 42 and never had a problem… Each time my doctor has “removed” my womb looked for any problems…. she has removed previously scar tissue etc… It can be done! Just find the correct doctor… Also I took radiation treatments to prevent keloids. Never let a doctor scare you. The body will heal itself. I’m in great health no drinking smoking and 20 grams a fat a day… So it’s how bad do you want it! Looking forward to 8 and 9

  76. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kristen, It sounds like you’ve had one abdominal surgery, is that right? Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the repair surgery you had and how it affects pregnancy but the fact that you had the surgery 2 1/2 years ago is a positive thing when it comes to having a vaginal birth.

    Have you discussed it with your doctor yet? Definitely bring that up and stress your interest in a vaginal birth. I’m thinking that a vaginal birth might be possible.

  77. Kristen says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I had a bicornual pregnancy rupture about 2 1/2 years ago – The Dr. opened me up (like a c-section) and repaired my tube/part of my uterus. I had an HSG performed in December 2010 that revealed that the tube was completely blocked with scar tissue. I am now 13 weeks pregnant (yay!) and am wondering the risks (if there are any) of having a vaginal birth. All thoughts are appreciated 🙂 Thanks!!

  78. Zulie says:

    Hi I’m zulie, I have had 2 c section the first one was the Breech problem and the second one I got pregnant to early like 3months apart, so now im pregnant again 4 months later I’m pregnant wit my 3 baby my doctor already talking about another c section but I realiy like have this by VBAC, is there any hope for me to have this baby normal?

  79. paula says:

    hi im havin fourth c section in 6 days with twins so scared right now and it doesnt help that i have a panic disirder think all you ladys are brave and hope i can keep my cool in theatre any advice would be apreciated thanx paula x

  80. Marie says:

    Hello. First I like to thank you very much, and yes you did help. I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about what decision to make. The thing that worries me is the heavy menstruals and the gain of weight I hear from many woman. I know all women are diffrent. Another thing is I am animec and I have already had a blood transfusion from a miscarage I had a few months ago before getting pregnant again. That is one of the thingss that scare me the most about having heavy menstruals.

  81. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Marie,
    What feedback have you heard about getting your tubes tied?

    Having your tubes tied requires thinking about your personal and spiritual beliefs and desires. If someone simply doesn’t want any more children it may be the right decision, however if you are rooted in your faith, you’ll need to really think about that, for example, Catholics and some Christian faiths don’t accept this form of birth control. Also many women come to regret the decision later on and decide they want more children after all.

    For you, however, a C-Section would be an important health decision not to have any more children. If you are afraid that someday you’ll regret the decision, remember that you’re a mom and your health is important to the well-being and care of your family, the family you have now. Risking that would be risking your family’s happiness and their well-being.

    As for the physical aspects of getting your tubes tied, the process takes just a few minutes, it won’t cause you any additional pain from the procedure. I have heard that you can have increased menstrual bleeding and cramps but I did not experience any of those types of problems.

    It’s a tough decision and no one wants to regret doing something that is so permanent. Though for you Marie, your health should come first. I hope that helps you 🙂

  82. Marie says:

    Hi I am 27 years old and had 4 c-sections and having my 5th c-section in the end of August. I already decided to get my tubes tide after this delivery, but I am second thinking it because I have heard so much bad feedback of geting your tubes tide. I need help on making the right desiction. I wouldn’t want to do it, yet I had too many c-section to risk getting pregnant again. Please help….

  83. Elizabeth says:

    Jen, a recovery from a VBAC is much easier than a C-Section recovery would be and if you’ve had only one C-section you should definitely check into having a VBAC.

    Having another C-section doesn’t necessarily predispose you to having a pouch. I think maybe you’re referring to the mother’s apron or the flap women get that hangs over their C-section scar, is that what you mean? If you don’t have a pouch now you shouldn’t have one with the next baby.

    The problem with having a C-section is just like you said, it can take longer to get back into shape, but if you exercise regularly and plan to get back into your exercise routine you shouldn’t have a problem.

  84. jen says:

    I haven’t seen any comments on recovery after multiple c-sections. I had my first baby c-section in March 2010 because he was 10 days late and even pitocin for 2 days couldn’t produce a contraction. Also, he was 9lbs, and it may just have been that he was too big and never dropped. I am expecting my second child now- a girl- due in Nov. they will be 19 months apart. I was planning on another c-section, until recently when my mom suggested i look into VBAC. I’m very active/sporty, and she thought having a VBAC may allow me to get in shape faster and have less complications. I had no complications with first c-section, lost baby weight and got stomach muscles back to decent shape- i am in no way a 6 pack momma, but relatively in shape. Anyway, I guess my question would be, as far as muscle repair goes, by having another c-section will I be left with a “pouch” around my lower abs? This question is so incredibly vain and I realize that, but I’m still left wondering. Also, I’m not totally sure that I’m willing to risk the possible complications of a VBAC- which seem greater to me than the 2nd c-sec- but I’m interested in the recovery of a VBAC vs. a 2nd c-section. Any insight you have on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  85. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Elkay, 22 months is almost 2 years and that’s a good span. If you’re healthy and you have healthy births, you shouldn’t have complications.

    The real issue with C-Sections are adhesions. Every time you have surgery you will have more adhesions. However, even though you have adhesions, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have problems with them. Best of luck with your new baby 🙂

  86. Elkay says:

    Hi, I had my first c-secn and iam expecting the next one. The kids will be 22 months apart. is it safe to have them that way and iam sure the second one will also be a c-secn. Did i give enough time between them or will it lead to health complications????

  87. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Laura, I’m not sure your uterus will thicken up again, you’ll have to speak to a uterine specialist on that.

    Usually the uterine wall does get thin around delivery time and as long as you don’t go into labor you shouldn’t rupture, but …and there’s a big BUT, with each successive C-Section, there are more areas of weakness and large babies in particular put more stress on the uterus.

    Since your doctor has seen your uterus and says it was very thin, you have to go with the advice your doctor gives you.

    A thin uterine lining can be dangerous and I personally wouldn’t want to risk losing my baby or my own life, especially already having 4 children who need their mom 🙂

  88. Laura says:

    I am 24 years old and have had 4 c-sections. starting in 2006 again in 2007, 2009 and 2010. With my last one my OB/GYN told me he could literally see my baby through my uterus it was so thin, and that is very bad. If i would have had any contraction it could have rupted and i could of lost the baby along with my life. Is it possible that my uterus will thicken over the years, since my husband and i planned on atleast one more child, having all girls, we really want a boy. Anyway, my main concern is, will i ever be able to have more children?

  89. samantha says:

    Hi. My name is sam and I am 29 years old, I have had 2 previous c-sections, 1 in 2002 due to baby suffering complications and my 2nd in 2008 because I had gone over my due date by 10 days, my first c-section was straightforward and I was up an back on my feet properly after 4 wks, my 2nd c-section was scary, I was told I had adhesions and they struggled, I had to go home with a cathater for 7 days. The healing process just seemed to take forever, it took ages for me to feel normal again. I am now pregnant with my 3rd child and I am terrified, I’m scared of complications but I also would like my tubes tied, has anyone had a similar experience? An can anyone reassure me? Many thanks x

  90. Tina says:

    I had 3 c-sections and the last one was 30 months ago and my husband and l are ttc. I asked my doctor and he said it was okay if l go again and l kept remembering him asking me when l had my third child whether l will like my tubes to be tied.

    Even-though he assured me that everything will be okay, l just can’t help wondering at times.

    My first child was 4 years 5 months older than the second one and the 2nd one was 23 months older that the last one but apart from losing a little blood which did not even require transfusion, everything went well. I think l just have to look up to God for guidance.

  91. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I am about to have my 7th c section on 28th april 2 yrs after my last. This will be my last baby as i have agreed to having a sterilization. .. I have had problems with scar tissue and my scar in the past and have had a plastic surgeon finish the c section on the last 3, I have healed well after the last 3 sections and had no problems except that my iron count was low and they wanted to give me a blood transfusion which i refused to have and recoved my blood count naturally….This time how ever the hospital have put me with a completely different consultant even though my consultant is still there and put the fear of god into me with risks etc etc telling me i might need a blood transfusion before section even though my blood count is infact slightly higher than before the past 2 sections ?? also the plastic surgeon is not going to be present because he is busy on the day they have booked the section for also the doctor said to me lets just hope they can see your tubes for the sterilization …;0(…she was really mean and harsh to me had me in floods of tears in her office…I don’t feel like i can say how i feel because she makes me feel so bad for even attempting to have a 7th child… Im now so scared about my c section and if things are going to be ok without the plastic surgeon…. I guess im writing this to let others know that it is risky to have 6 c sections but not impossible even with scar problems just need to make sure you are in the right hands which im not so sure i am this time …..X

  92. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Deb, wow two sets of twins, you’re going to be busy. For that reason alone you should consider recruiting help for means and childcare if you can. Take this time that you have before delivering to think about setting up your home for easy access to everything.

    Have you been seeing your doctor on a regular basis? If you have, he should be aware of your condition and be familiar with your history.

    As far as having blood on hand, that’s a good idea but the hospital should be able to take care of that if needed. It’s a nice idea to have a few pints of your own blood but giving blood now is probably not a good idea, however I wouldn’t worry about that.

    Also ask questions and share your concerns with your doctor. Make sure he knows that you were told you have a lot of scar tissue as well.

    Most importantly don’t be nervous. I know that’s easier said than done, but if you are relatively healthy you shouldn’t have any problems. Excess scar tissue can make delivery take a longer, but overall you should do find.

  93. Deb says:

    I am very nervous about my upcoming 4th csection. I was told last time that I had a lot of scar tissue in there and they had to do a lot of tugging to get to the baby. I am at increased risk because I am carrying twins..the 2nd time…my first pregnancy was also twins. So-my uterus has got to be super stretched out! What should I be doing to prepare myself, my docs, etc. I always seem to have to advocate for myself…is there anything I need to make sure they’re aware of? Do they need to have blood on hand?

  94. Jessica says:

    Hello, I had an emergency c-section with my 3rd baby on May 25, 2010. I just found out I am pregnant again. We did want one more baby (we have 3 now) just not for another year. But it happened sooner 😀 I had an inverted T incision due to his presentation (double footling breech with cord prolapse as well as wrapped around his neck once and his arms above his head). I was told that because I’d most definitely need another c-section that 6 months was a minimum with a preference to 18 months. The OB I was switched to said at least 12 months. Either way I feel confident and OK but I’m just wondering how to deal with the anxiety of all the stuff I’ve read about. Ectopic pregnancy, anterior placenta (front placement? …could have it wrong LOL) or uterine rupture. I would be willing to try a VBAC in a hospital with a team standing by in an emergency but for some reason I don’t think my fantasy is going to be a fact with most doctors not wanting to risk it 😉

  95. Tracey says:

    I have had four C sections and i am about six weeks away from having my fifth. I see two different doctors at my ob office. one of them suggested a vertical cut because with my last csection my incision ruptured after delivery. The other doctor suggested the same incision but would use a tube to prevent the incision from rupturing. what do you think would be better the choice. I am little nervous this time around the pregnancy has been great i am just worried about the delivery and after the delivery.

  96. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Farida, so sorry to hear about your baby’s loss ***hugs*** 🙁

    Since you’ve only had 1 c-section I think a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) would be OK, but then again I don’t know your medical history. I’d ask your doctor why he wants you to have a c-section.

    Most doctors want you to have another c-section if you’ve already had one due to uterine rupture, but that risk is only about 1%. Here’s more about .

    In any case talk to your doctor and get the details on why he wants it.

  97. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Sheri, There is always risk with having a c-section. However if your doctor feels you are ok to go with a third, that’s a positive sign.

    Keep in mind that each time you have surgery you create more adhesions, that’s simply a fact. For many women the problems adhesions create come many years later as the adhesions begin to form around organs causing pulling and other discomfort. Then again you may not have problems at all.

    Surgery is never a good thing. It’s often necessary but it has its down side. Talk with your doctor at length and your spouse and consider all the variables before deciding. Feeling good about your decision can make a difference in the outcome and your healing. 🙂

  98. Farida says:

    I’m 28yrs old and will be 29 in April. My first child will be 3yrs this Feb. I was induced at 37wks 5days and after 13 hours of extremely painful labour, they had to do an emergency csection coz I was only 3cm dilated and the baby was in distess. 2yrs after my first baby I was pregnant again, but at 22 weeks the baby they found out the baby had died & I was induced and after 20 hours I gave birth naturally to a stillborn. I’m now pregnant again with my third and will be due in April, but my Doctor recommends that I have a c-section.
    Is this really necessary? I want a large family and I feel the c-sections will limit the number of children I want to have.

  99. Sheri Montgomery says:

    I am 27 years old and have had two previous c-sections and am considering a third. My first (2005) was a little difficult due to the fact that the day after my c-section the city mandatorally evacuated due to hurricane so I was discharged early. As a result I got a infection and bled from my incision site thank god everything ended up fine. My second c-section went fine the doctor did comment on the fact that i had scar tissue but said he wasn’t gonna try to remove it cause it probably would just come back. Also recovery for my second I got a bladder infection i dunno if it had anything to do with the fact that my catheder came out as they were finishing up surgery and had to be reinserted. But he said I was fine to go for number 3. I love my doctor he is very caring and honest with me I have talked with him at my annual appointment about my concerns for number 3 and he told me if he made a comment about scar tissue not to worry about it that it’s just a little more work for him but not to worry about it or let it discourage me. Now wondering about infection i haven’t heard anyone else have that problem. I wanna go for number 3 but I still feel scared even though doctor reassured me I just wanna be sure I make the right decision for me and my family and my possible future baby. =)

  100. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Cindy, seven c-sections is a lot, …six is a lot and the risks go up with each c-section you have. Right now it’s a matter of how much risk you want to expose yourself and your baby to. Women have done it but I would not recommend it.

    Doctors ask you about having your tubes tied because they know the risks. It’s not something I’d be leaving to chance. The choice is ultimately up to you but I usually err on the side of caution, but that’s just me 🙂

  101. Cindy says:

    I have had six c-sections, all successful. My husband and I had our first three children eleven months apart (they are now 17, 16 and 15); waited two years and had our daughter (now 13); then four years (dau now 9); and then two years for our last daughter (now 7). For seven years we have been extremely cautious, and family issues had also entered the picture, but we are wondering if another pregnancy would even be an option. I haven’t discussed it with my doctor, but then again, after each birth, I’ve been asked if I’m having my tubes tied, and that’s always bothered me. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  102. shalyne says:

    hi im pregnant with my fourth baby my first i had a natural birth and my last 2 i had c cections at my last the surgeon suggested not to have anymore for a while as my uterus was very thin??? i have 3 girls and would love to have this one and hope its a boy but whatever ill be happy i had my last in november 07 so its been 3 years do u think it would be ok i have an appointment next week with the specailist but i cant wait for advice need someone elses opinion is there anything that can make my uterus thicker or has anyone had any more babies after they been told not to???

  103. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Melissa, it’s very hard for a mom when she wants to have more children, but C-Sections do come with risks, just read this…

    Since you are the mother of 4 children already it’s important to think of them first and I can see that you do, which I know is hard when you’d love to have one more, so I admire you for that.

    It’s not likely that you will die from having another c-section, however if you’re looking for advice I’m afraid I’d have to say that I wouldn’t recommend another c-section. To me it’s just not worth the adhesion complications that it can create, but that’s just my opinion. If having another baby is truly what you want to do discuss it at length with your doctor, go over the risks in detail with him or her and consider all the the complications, not just for you but to your family as well. Remember there can be risks to your baby so you should consider those as well. I hope that helps 🙂

  104. melissa 30 says:

    HI i have been reading everyones storys, I too have hadc sections 4 to be exact, I want to try for 1 more baby, my doctor said to wait a couple years, and warned me about all the risks, and like another mom on here she said she was having her 5th and wished it was twins so she could have 2 babies … i feel the same way! I wish that there wernt so many risks in mutiple csections, and after reading the story about the multiple c sections are putting women at risk for life threating complication, i am starting to change my mind , i dont want to die in surgery and leave my other kids with no mother. My doctor did say to wait a couple yrs. but also that i have alot of scar tissue, one doctor even during surgery said i should of gotten my tubres tied then, I just dont know what to do, It just makes me very sad that i am prevented from having more babies due to my prior csesctions. I would appreciate any advice?

  105. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Hareem, it will be a lot tougher convincing your doctor to give you a VBAC than it will be to simply find a doctor that will do it without convincing. Also remember the hospital you are in mush allow VBACs. Not all hospitals do, some are very conservative that way.

  106. hareem says:

    hi again,
    Elizabeth, but the thing is i ve heard and read so many stories even after multiple c-sections… please tell me the ways to convinvce the doc for vbac.. Im really very concerned about that please tell me what can i do for that..

  107. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Hareem, A VBAC will be difficult after having two C-sections, primarily because it is difficult to find a doctor that will perform a VBAC after 2 C-Sections, also you will need to find a less conservative hospital, not all hospitals allow VBAC’s.

  108. Hareem says:

    hi this is hareem from pakistan.. i ve had two c sections .. the last one was 25th may 2009. i tried for VBAC i was even 6cm dilated but the baby was not descended properly… now im again pregnant and my EDD is gonna b 1st may’2011 … i want to have a VBAC now …i m concerened if its possible or not.. kindly reply

  109. Elizabeth says:

    Mabel, If you are healthy you should not fear death. The mortality rate of c-sections is not high, where did you see that it was? There is always a risk with any surgery but having a c-section is not high risk. Simply having a baby presents some risk, but again, death is rare. Having said that, it’s still better to avoid surgery if you can. In your case having had only one c-section and having had it at least 2 years from you last c-section, you are probably a good candidate for a VBAC, however if you had trouble the first time you may have trouble again which, as you mentioned my result in another c-section, but if you are in good health, you may want to try anyway.

    Please don’t fear death when having a c-section. One of the things that helps me is to look to my faith in God. Your risk of death with be no greater this time than when you had your first child and look at what you are blessed with. Have faith that you will be once again blessed, regardless of how you baby arrives. ***hugs***

  110. Mabel says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    First of all – thank you for this wonderful website to help moms who had c-sections before.

    Unlike the rest of everyone on the thread, I only had ONE c-section in October 2009. it was an emergency c-section after 30 hours of labor that didn’t go anywhere. I am contemplating of trying to have another baby in 2011 or 2012 so it will be at least 2 years since my son was born.

    But I am very afraid of the mortality rate of c-sections. Recently, there was a study done that US moms have a very high rate of mortality compared to other countries. I guess this is emotional for me as I always wanted at least 2 kids but c-sections and the recovery time scare me to death. It was so tough on me. Hopefully a second c-section is less painful?

    I may consider vbac but I know many who tried a vbac usually ends up with a c-section because things didn’t go well.

    I would like some input on my fear of death because I have a wonderful baby right now but would love another child. But I’m scared of death.

    Thank you for your help.

  111. Robin says:

    Hi. I have had 4 c-sections and I am currently pregnant with my 5th. I have not had any complications with my c-sections besides a little endometriosis before and after my first 2. I actually asked the doctor on the operating table if it was safe to have a 5th. She replied that based on my uterus I would be okay. It has been 3 1/2 years since.

    This week I have started cramping and bleeding. I have had some bloodwork done by the results are not back yet.

    Have any of you women had cramping or bleeding in future pregnancies after all your c-sections? My hopes that the bleeding is not the beginning of a miscarriage (hopefully just my body cleaning itself out from previous c-sections)….I am just scared and I wanted to know if any of you have had similar problems.

    Blessings to you all!

  112. Jill says:

    My doctor did not suggest a vertical incision, actually I was just wondering. I am really set on another baby to complete my family. I just wanted to gather up as much information possible to see if I can have somewhat of a piece of mind. Thank you so much for you help 🙂

  113. Elizabeth says:

    Jill, did your doctor suggest a vertical cut? I can’t say whether or not there is a real benefit there, however if your doctor suggested it, maybe there is. Regardless of the cut you will have even more adhesions with another c-section. How that plays out in the end is impossible for anyone to know. If you feel strongly about having another baby and your doctor is saying it’s a manageable risk my thought is to go with your feelings.

  114. Jill says:

    Hi I have had 4 c-sections and I would love to have one more to complete my family. Am I better off having a vertical Cesarean this time? I just want to know the safest way possible..I don’t care how it looks, I just want the baby in the end result. I have had a lot of scar tissue as well. My Dr. said 5 is a manageable risk. What are your thoughts?

  115. Jennifer says:

    I have had 4 C sections, i would like to have just one more child, is it possable to have a vbac? or am u stuck with a c section, i feel i missed my chance to experience natural child birth and i really would like to do so

  116. Elizabeth says:

    Christina, I’d ask you doctor why he wants to do a vertical cut. I’m guessing it’s to avoid the scar tissue surrounding your bikini cuts but if it were me I’d prefer another bikini cut. A vertical cut can be a little harder to heal but it shouldn’t be too bad. A vertical incision doesn’t require any more care than with a bikini cut but special care should be taken with any type of incision. As for the scar itself, it will be more noticeable simply because of the location. There are scar remedies that do minimalize it’s appearance that you might want to check into later on.

    Having a tubal doesn’t have any effect on your healing and there aren’t any risks with having it done. You won’t even know that it’s been done outside of the fact that your doctor said he did it 🙂 I’d also suggest using an abdominal binder after your surgery. If you do have a vertical cut it helps a lot with easier movement. Hope that helps and best of luck to you 🙂

  117. Christina says:

    I am 21 and about to have my 4th c-section. I had my first 06/07/06 my second 08/03/07 and my third 02/09/09 I am due Nov 11 2010. I had all c-sections and am being told there is a high risk I will not make it out the surgery my original OB will not even touch me he says he doesn’t want the liability(makes you feel at ease, huh?…). I have alot of scar tissue, even after the first kid it was alot. I had all bikini cuts but this new doctor is talking about doing the vertical cut is there any risks involved with a different cut. I also heard the vertical cut leaves a nasty scar and is more care to heal. Is this true? Also, they are planning a tubal during the c-section if they can(this is what the dr. says), what kind of effect does this have on the healing process? Are there any extra risks by letting them do this?

  118. Elizabeth says:

    Marie, You can attempt to have your tubal ligation reversed but it’s quite expensive and there are no guarantees. I don’t know the success rate for reversing a tubal at your age but it does decrease the older you are, your doctor should be able to tell you that.

    If your tubal ligation removed a small section of the fallopian tubes or had clips or rings put around the tubes you have the best chance of the reversal working, however if your tubes were cauterized, as mine were, your success rate is a lot less. In other words the amount of damage to your tubes during the procedure determines how successful the reversal will be.

    This is a difficult one for women who want to have more children. I went through something similar a few years after having my second child but for what it’s worth, the urge did subside 🙂

  119. marie says:

    hi i;m 38 years old have three boys all by c section my last 8 years ago my biological clock is ticking so loud and i am desperate to have another child im miserable but when giving birth to my third son i allowed the doctors on their advice to tie my tubes i now regret it can i reverse this on nhs or am i to old is it to late pleases advise xx

  120. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Cat, You’re a good candidate for a VBAC since you’ve had only 1 c-section and it will be at least 2 years between births. The trouble is usually finding a doctor that will do a VBAC. Be sure you do your VBAC under a doctor’s care and in a hospital, just in case another c-section will be needed. Good luck and congrats on your new pregnancy 🙂

  121. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Marla, I’m sorry to say that your chances of have a natural childbirth after 4 c-sections is very slim to none, even with a 7 year gap. Trying for a VBAC would make you a perfect candidate for a uterine rupture. Because you’ve had your uterus cut into so many times the incision area becomes thin so each time you have a c-section you put yourself at greater risk for uterine rupture. I know how you feel about wanting a natural childbirth but your health and safety is a doctor’s and hospital’s primary concern.

  122. Marla says:

    Hi am 27 Years old I have had 4 c sections. I am pregnant with 5 child With a 7 year gap. I would really like tho have a natural childbirth. have any women expierenced a v bac after 4 c sections. I know its un heard of so far. I have had no cimplications with c sections. and the first c section was emergeny because baby was in distress. I was always told i had no choice in matter once i had c section i had to have them with every pregnancy

  123. Catherine says:

    Hello I am Catherine, a Chinese girl who is living in Singapore.

    I had my first c-section in 2008 and now I am pregent again. You know the opinions between the doctors in China and the other coutries are so different. In China some doctors will suggest you to abort the baby because you just had c-section within 2 years. It made me nervous untill I read some articles about it from foreign countries.

    My second baby’s due date will be in March 2011, I wonder is it long enough for me to try the VBAC?

    Thanks for your help and I am really happy to find your blog, it brings me alot of confidence.

    All the best,

  124. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Pam and Welcome! Congratulations on your new baby 🙂

    Yes, the longer you can wait between c-section surgeries the better. It gives your inner sutures more time to form a strong healing bond, making you less vulnerable to rupturing. I’d try to wait at least 2 years.

  125. pam says:

    hello i’m pam and i am having my third c-section in november. it will be my third son. i really wanted a girl. my doctor said that he only do up to 4 c-sections. i’m about to have my third one but i still want to try for a girl. do you think it will be a good idea to wait a few years before trying again? what is your advice.

  126. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Courtney, I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your baby boy, **hugs**

    Having a vertical c-section puts you at greater risk for uterine rupture so you should discuss this carefully with your doctor, however with the right care and proper precautions you could do jut fine, however it’s a good idea to wait as long as you can, at least 2 years is what most doctors recommend. Check with your doctor though. My best, Elizabeth 🙂

  127. Courtney says:

    Hi, I have been looking all over the internet, and I can find all kinds of info (like this site) about multiple c-sections. But I have had two vertical c-sections, so I don’t know if it’s the same with classical and transverse c-sections. I have two kids from a previous marriage, and my now husband and I just had a baby girl in March. I am not looking necessarily to get pregnant tomorrow, but I really want to give my husband a boy. My first c-section was an emergency with a micro-preemie, and I lost him 3 days later. My second c-section was a few months ago, and both were vertical. Is it ok to have one more vertical c-section, physically? I plan on having my tubes tied afterwards, and if there was a bleeding issue, I wouldn’t be opposed to a hysterectomy. I know that most of the risk is with contractions, but they would do a scheduled c-section, so I am not worried about that so much, but I healed very well, and quickly…I guess what I am worried about is if a uterus (in general) can handle a pregnancy after two classical c-sections?

  128. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Milly, having another baby would mean another c-section. Having another c-section after two is not the best thing, although it happens every day. Chances are you and your baby will be fine, however it’s important to remember that this is another major surgery. It’s certainly doable you just have to consider that it will mean more scar tissue plus the possible risks associated with having a c-section. I can’t really advise you on what to do, I can only advise you to think carefully about it first.

  129. MILLY says:

    Hi, My name is Milly and I’ve had 3 c-sections. My oldest child is 16 and was a vaginal birth. My last two were c-sections. Both were premature and I was two centimeters dialted. My third was a c-section because she was coming out feet first. I’ve had not problems with my pregnancies but my husbandk wants to have one more, but I”m very scared. It’s been foru years now and I’m already 33. What would yo advise?

  130. Alia says:

    I’m a 37 year old mother of 6 children including 2 sets of twins. I’ve had all my children by section. My youngest will be 3 in November and miscarriaged my 7th child in February. I’ve just found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant again and am after advice about things that will have to be watched for with my 5th Section. My children are 17, twins of 14, twins of 13 and 2 and a half. With all my previous surgeries I’ve been lucky enough to recover quickly and without problems.

  131. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so sorry that you lost your last baby, my heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine how devastating that must be for you *hugs*.

    I would venture to say that you should be able to conceive again, however I’m not well versed on uterine infections and how that might affect fertility. Perhaps someone else may have some input on that, however I can’t find anything to substantiate that. If you didn’t have trouble conceiving last time you should be OK to conceive again this time.

  132. Samantha says:

    Hi I had my first c section in 2003, another in 2005 and my last on 4th June 2010. My last baby was born pre term at 24 wks by c section, I believe I had a “silent infection” in the uterous and high CRP levels. The amniotic fluid was said to have a strange smell. My beautiful baby survived only for 10 short hours. I am devastated by his death and despearately want to try again. I can see from the previous comments that fertility does not seem to affected by c sections, however, is this also the case for sections that are performed at pre term gestation? I had a lower segment section on all three sections.
    Any advice you can provide on my future fertlity would be very helpful, I am also 37 years old and feel that I am running out of time!

  133. veronica lopez says:

    Thanks for your advice 🙂

    I’ve been going to school for the past year and a half and I’ll finish in 3 years. I do feel I should just stay home with my 3 boys but being that my mother in law also has 3 boys, my kids are her only grand kids, not to mention she is elderly and sick. My husband is also desperate for a girl even though there’s no guarantee that I will have a girl, LOL. I’m just so confused on what to do, but maybe I will just finish school first, either way I will still be young by the time I’m finished with school…. thank you very much, it helped a lot 🙂

  134. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Veronica, I can only tell you what I would do. I’d probably call it quits and finish school. 4 surgeries would be a lot. You have three kids already, maybe it’s time to focus on your life a little bit, after all the kids won’t be young forever, they grow up fast and you need to have a life yourself. Going back to school would be something you can do for yourself.

  135. veronica lopez says:

    Hello my name is Veronica I just turned 24 yrs old n I have 3 children which were delivered with cesarians however even though 3 is enough n sometimes I don’t know how I go though kids school n wife duties I love my babies my oldest is 5 my middle is 2 1/2 n my youngest is almost 10 months they r all boys so Ofcourse my husband and i want our lil girl what do you think should I just give up on trying for a girl n finish school or should I still try risking a 4th c-section???

  136. Elizabeth says:

    You have 4 children with excessive adhesions and I’m amazed that your last complication at your incision site doesn’t deter you. My advice would be to not risk another c-section. Remember, adhesions can cause future complications. Just read some of the comments on this post, many women are experiencing pain from the adhesions. Some women feel the discomfort soon after surgery, others don’t experience it until years later. I wouldn’t risk it. Death is rare but you’re putting an awful lot of stress on your body. I’d think very carefully about it.

  137. Ally says:


    I’ve had 4 c-sections within 5.5 years. My youngest is 2.5 years old. I’ve had a terrible time with adhesions. The last one was the most difficult. The OB actually called for blood but didn’t end up needing to use it. I’ve been told by the Dr’s that I have “massive amounts of scar tissue” and that on a scale of 1-10 in terms of adhesions, I’m at a 10. After my last c-section, my incision site started bleeding really bad on day 2. There was no infection, it just wouldn’t clot. They had to open it up and let it heal from the inside out. The OB said that there was just alot of tissue damage from being cut so many times in that spot. It took 2 weeks of packing it daily to finally start closing up.

    All this being said, I REALLY want another baby. We have 3 girls and one boy. I want my son to have a brother. I know we are not guaranteed that it will be a boy (and of course I’d love another daughter equally if it came down to it).

    My OB has been practicing for almost 40 years (and has delivered close to 10,000 babies!). He is retiring next year. He told us that we should think very carefully about having a fifth. Not that we shouldn’t but just to be prepared for possible complications. I DON”T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I’m almost 36 so I feel my clock ticking. I really want to go for it but I’m so scared.

    What are the chances that I would die during a fifth c-section? Could all the cutting away of adhesions cause me to hemorrhage to death?

    Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

  138. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jenny, So sorry to hear about your still birth *hugs*.

    4 previous c-sections is quite a few surgeries under your belt. The one thing I’d be worried about the most is scar tissue or adhesions, they can be troublesome later on. However having had your last surgery 3 years ago does help things a little, but there are still risks with having so many surgeries.

    I cannot tell you one way or the other what is best for you, my opinion doesn’t really count since I don’t know you or your health history. You might try getting the opinion from another doctor. There are women who have had 5 or more c-sections and they have been fine, but there are also women who have had multiple c-sections and had problems. No one can say for sure what the outcome will be, we can only make decisions based on past experiences. All I can say is that if you decide to have another child keep in close contact with your doctor, understand the risks and take as many precautions as you can. Hope that helps 🙂

  139. jenny says:

    hi im a 26 yr old mum of 6 iv had 4 c sections my 1st c section was in 2002 but my baby was stillborn at 38 weeks iv had 3 more c s since wich i recoved wel from tho thay were al 4 weeks early but healthy .iv been told by my gp that i should not have eny more children but i would like anouther opinion as im only young and would love to have anouther baby my youngest child is nearly 3 so there would be 4 years between them .please help x

  140. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Shamise, Many women do have several c-sections, some of them have had 5 or more successful c-sections, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a safe way to go. The more c-sections you have the more at risk you are for uterine tearing and adhesion complications. Since your last c-section was in March of 2010, another c-section within 9 months is risky because your last incision hasn’t had enough time to completely heal. It is possible that you will be fine with another c-section, it’s just that it can be risky.

    Doing a vbac after 3 sections is almost unheard of, especially after you’ve just had your last c-section within a year. I don’t think you will find a doctor that will do a vbac, there is risk to both you and the baby. If you have another c-section chances are you will be fine, especially if your last c-sections went well. Just get plenty or rest and keep in good contact with your doctor on how things are going 🙂

  141. shamise says:

    I have 3 children and all were born by c section. My first was born on aug 2005, my second on march 2007 and 3rd was born march 2010 and it is possible that I may be pregnant again with my 4th, but my real concern is where to find the right doctor for having more kids. I’ve read all the post here on having a vbac and c sections and I was amazed to see that there are moms who have had more than one c section but I haven’t heard of any mom that was able to have a vbac after the 3rd or 4th child.

    I was told by my doctor that I was limited to having 3 or 4 c-sections but while I was having my last c section I was shocked to hear a man who was standing above my head who said his wife had 5 c sections and she did just fine.

    I am 25 soon be 26 also I am a deaf mom and I want to learn more. My question is does anyone know some who has had a successful vbac and how do they avoid tearing?

  142. mandy says:

    Hi there

    I had an operation for fibroids (big ones, one was 13 cms) anyway, after waiting a year we go pregnant and I had the easiest pregnancy ever! Amelia was born by c-section (vaginal birth wasn´t an option) and I was told it was a complicated c-section (took around 35 minutes) and that I should wait 2 years before becoming pregnant again. Then, months later when I brought up the subject with my Dr, he said he´d advise against having another baby because of the scarring.

    Almost 2 years have passed and we really want to try again, Im just so scared that something will go wrong. Is a c-section with a really badly scarred womb that dangerous? what could happen?

  143. Elizabeth says:

    Faye, I’m always in favor of keeping your child, no matter what the circumstances. To me that’s God’s will and every child deserves at least a chance. Please don’t be worried. Having another c-section so soon isn’t preferred but it doesn’t doom you to problems either. Your doctor won’t want you to go into labor so he may schedule you at or around 37 weeks. The issue is the area around your internal stitches which may still be very thin and you don’t want them to rupture. My advice to you is to take it very easy. Rest as much as you can and keep in good contact with your doctor. I often say prayers for all my moms that write me. I will keep you in my prayers too **Hugs**.

  144. faye robinson says:

    I am a mother of five. I have had two normal deliveries and three c sections. My youngest daughter is just four months old and I am now six weeks pregnant with my sixth. I am very worried about having to have another c section so soon. This was not planned, but the condom split and I thought I’d be okay. I would however like to keep this child.

  145. Elizabeth says:

    Emma, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. So many women need that. Having many c-sections can be a risky thing but just like you many women are fine. But because of the risks it is important to proceed carefully. Good communication with your doctor is very important and it appears that is something you have done. Thanks for your great comment and many blessings to you and your family 🙂

  146. Emma says:


    I have had 4 c sections 1999,2001,2003 and 2008. First was emergency, 2nd tried for vbac and failed asnd so have had 4 c sections. had bad scar tissue after 2 but sergeon asked if I would be going back for more. can assure you these days 4 is fine as I have had 4 and would love another but doctors scare u so much. I thought 3 was the limit and I would die having my 4th child but all was well and doctors were not fased. Hope there is a chance to have 1 more. I know 1 or 2 is enough for some and I wish in a way that was me but it is not so hope a talk with the doc tells me previous were ok and can go for it. By the way I was in hospial less than 24 hrs with the 4th c section and as I was determined I could manage I was fine. Good luck to you all! Hope someone has a bigger and better story than me to tell xx

  147. toya says:

    i have had 3 c sections 2002 2006 AND 2008 i would like to have another child but am i dont know how long it normally takes for the body to heal. however my last pregnancy i felt alot of pressure a the end i believe that 14months wasnt enough time how long should i wait. i’ve one stillborn which was my daughter at fullterm now i have 2 boys and would like to try for a girl im so scared please help me with some answers

  148. Elizabeth says:

    Megan, The reason they want to take the baby at 37 weeks is they don’t want you to go into labor. Going into labor for prior c-section moms carries the risk of uterine rupture.

    It’s always best to have your baby get as close to term as possible but the biggest risk with early delivery is lung maturity, but the steroids can help that.

    Looking at the big picture here I would say that delivering at 37 weeks helps your avoid rupture complications and the steroids help with lung development so if it were me I think I’d be comfortable with the plan.

    The unknown is whether or not going into labor will actually present a problem for you. You could try to go beyond 37 weeks and see what happens but since you’ve already had 3 c-sections I think I’d rather be safe than sorry. As for baby, I can’t say for sure how your baby’s lungs will respond to steroids, there are exceptions to every rule, but more often than not it’s a safe and positive treatment. I hope that helps. Blessings to both you and your baby 🙂

  149. Megan says:

    I am pregnant with my 4th child. The other three were delivered by c-section and my new doc (I just moved to India from the US) wants to take this baby at 37 weeks. They are not very familiar with doing 4 c-sections (I know this because she told me I should have had a tubal after the third one). I am uncomfortable with this scenario because my 3rd child spent a week in NICU with under-developed lungs and he was born at 38 weeks. Doc said “don’t worry, we’ll start you on steroids at 34 weeks to enhance the baby’s lung development”. Any suggestions??

  150. Elizabeth says:

    Then I’d say you have a good chance of coming through this next birth just fine.

    Don’t let the risks and dangers frighten you. This information is to help inform you, not to scare you. I know it’s hard not to be scared reading this but because a c-section is major surgery I want to keep women informed. I believe knowledge is power; it just so happens it’s also scary.

    Unless you’ve had problems or a legitimate reason to be scared, you have a good chance of coming through this problem free. Put your feet up, take a deep breath, relax and have positive thoughts. *hugs*.

  151. lakysha says:

    No Elizabeth I didnt have any problems during the other 4 c-sections. they were just repeats from the first one when i didnt dialate after my water broke.

  152. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Lakysha, My heart and prayers go out to you. I know how scary and difficult this can be. 5 c-sections can be a lot but I have to ask you, are there reasons for you to feel scared? Have you had any problems, either now or with prior c-sections? You may be worried about things that are not real problems for you? Has your doctor indicated concern? I know it’s always easier said than done but try to relax and assure yourself things will be fine. A lot of what happens in life comes from our own attitudes and strength.

    I’m also very spiritual and look to God for strength. Prayer is very powerful. Look to God for peace and ask for strength. You’ll be amazed at how God will work miracles in your life.

  153. lakysha says:

    wow, my name is Lakysha and i have had 4 c-sections and I am 15 weeks pregnant with my 5th. Im extremly scared. I feel like im gonna have a nervous breakdown. your site helped me but im still terrified.

  154. Helene says:

    Hello All,
    I, too would like to offer some reassurance to you all. I have 6 children, ages 10, 8, 7, 4, 3 and 1 and they were all delivered by c-sections. No problems, no complications and thanks to God, they are healthy, beautiful children. We are actually hoping to have more! God Bless.

  155. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for that! It’s nice to have a little reassurance that there are women who have success stories. God bless you and all my best for you and your new baby in November 🙂

  156. whalea says:

    i am pregnant again this a word of hope for all u mothers ive had five c sections ages 10, 8, 7, 6 and 2 years old no complications i will b having my sixth in november good luck all

  157. Elizabeth says:

    A VBAC after 4 c-sections is risky. The area around your incision is most likely very thin and you are more at risk for rupture. I’m not surprised that your doctor would be against it. A uterine rupture can be life threatening and I don’t think I’d want to risk that. Think of it this way, you may feel a little less of a woman not delivering vaginally but how would your kids feel if they lost their mom?

  158. Blanche Bell says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I am a 34yo mother of 5 (17 1/2,15, 8 1/2, 4 1/2, 2 1/2). I had one vaginal birth and the others were c-sections. The first 2 was for failure to progress,one stopped at 5cm and the other stopped at 7cm; the 3rd was because she had a BM and then her heart rate dropped; the last one was because I got scared but I really wanted to have a VBAC. A part of me feels less than a woman being that I’ve only given birth vaginally once. I’ve been researching to see if it is possible to have a VBAC after 4 c-sections. I have found out that it is possible, but I think my doctor wants me to have another c-section. I would like to try and I am willing to do it in the OR just for safety. What do you think?

  159. Sabrina says:

    Hello, I have 4 children and they were all delivered by c-section. My first was in Sept 2001, second was Dec 2006, third was in Aug 2008 and my last was Sept 2009. I have just found out I’m pregnant with my 5th child and not sure what to do. With my last c-section my doctor told me that my uterus was really thin and I probably shouldn’t have anymore but if I did to wait awhile to heal. But as you can see my youngest is only 6months. I’m nervous and would like to get some kind of advice as to whats best for me.

  160. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Falak, don’t be too nervous, since you’ve had 3 previous c-sections your doctor does not want you to go into labor so I suspect that is why he has scheduled it a week or so in advance. If your overall health is good and you have not had any problems all indications point to you being fine. Since you’ve made it to your 38th week that is good, it’s better for the baby to get as close to 40 weeks as you can. Sit tight, there shouldn’t be any complications if all has gone well so far. My best wishes are with you 🙂

  161. Mrs. Falak Nadir Kazmi says:

    Hi my name is falak and i am from Pakistan. I have had 3 c sections, the last one was almost 4 years ago 30th Nov 2006. The scar thickness is 5mm and i am going through my 38th week. The doctor has given 9th march whereas the ultrasound shows 17th as the date of c section. I am a bit confused and nervous. Just wanted to know whether everything would work out fine or will there be some complications.

  162. Mechelle says:

    I have four children(15, 13, 12, 2) all four were delivered by C-section. I was scared my entire last pregnancy. I felt I was going to die but it was the easiest of the four. I don’t plan on having anymore children since I have 2 girls and 2 boys. I did not have any complications. My doctor tried to convince me to have an abortion due to the risk( some kind of a doctor)

  163. Alisa says:

    I have had diabetes for 21 years, and I haven’t had any problems with my diabetes with any of my births. All three of my kids were over 9lbs.

  164. Elizabeth says:

    Having had 3 c-sections already almost guarantees that your next child with also be a c-section. Your biggest risk is scar tissue but it might not even be an issue at all it just depends on the individual. As long as your diabetes in under control you should be ok, but check with your doctor. Sometimes with diabetes you don’t heal as fast. How long have you had diabetes, was it a problem with your other births?

  165. Alisa says:

    I have had c-sections with all 3 of my kids (2 horizontal c-sections and 1 vertical c-section), my husband and I are wanting to have another baby. I also have type 1 diabetes, could you tell me what my risks are? I want to be here to take care my family I have now, but I would not feel complete without having 1 more baby!

  166. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stacey, the success rate for VBAC is approximately 60–80% and it can be higher if you’ve had a vaginal delivery before your c-section, which you have.

    Also the fact that your last c-section will have been 3 years is another plus. The tough part is finding a doctor that is willing to perform a VBAC, so many of them are against it. Try checking with ICAN and see if they have advice for you on finding the right doctor. But from what you are telling me, you may be a good candidate.

    Good luck, let me know how it goes, I’d be interested in knowing 🙂

  167. Stacey says:

    I have 5 children. My first 3 were delivered naturally my last 2 were c-sections because of the babies being breech. I am now pregnant with my 6th and it is so important to me to deliver natural. What are my chances at having a successful vbac? My due date is sept 29, 2010. It will be 3 years since my last c-section and i really don’t want another one.

  168. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Laurie, thanks for your kind words, I’m always hopeful that I’m helping, so thank you 🙂

    If you’re reasonably healthy and scar tissue hasn’t been an issue in the past and your doctor doesn’t see anything unusual after a third, you should be OK, there are certainly many women who have had at least 4 c-sections and they’ve been fine.

    The problem with scar tissue though is it often becomes a problem in later years, the adhesions can adhere to other organs causing pain and other complications.

    Don’t read a whole lot into it. I’m always hesitant to say too much because I don’t want to scare women but a good dose of caution is always good and I think and you’re asking the right questions. There’s just no cut and dry answer, every woman is different and every outcome is different.

    My best advice is to keep the communication lines open with your doctor, stay aware of the concern but don’t let it paralyze you and I think you will fine 😉

    Many blessings for you and your family.

  169. Laurie says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    It’s been so helpful to read your advice to women. I have had two c-sections — the first in August 2006, my daughter was “failing to progress”, and the second in December 2008 because my son was expected to be so big. Both c-sections went well and the doctor said it was fine to try for a third. I’d really love to have four children, but I don’t want to push my luck. In your opinion, if my doctor says that my scarring isn’t too bad after a 3rd baby (God willing) and I wait the recommended two years between births, would it be too risky to plan for a 4th baby? For what it’s worth, I just turned 33 years old and am hoping to get pregnant sometime this year. Thanks so much for any advice you have. I’m not usually much of a planner, but for some reason I can’t stop thinking about my future family.

    Thanks so much!

  170. Elizabeth says:

    So sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. You are right to be cautious considering you probably have a fair amount of scar tissue. It’s not surprising that the doctor didn’t mention it, I find that a lot of doctors don’t, not sure why. Unless you’ve had issues with scar tissue in your history doctors seem to forget that it can be troublesome, but a doctor never knows how bad scar tissue is until he gets in there to see. Don’t put off trying to get pregnant because of scar tissue, if your doctor had a concerns he would have mentioned it, but I would wait longer than 2 months to try again, I would feel safer with 6 months, that would give you a good year or more before your next birth.

    The bad news with having one ectopic pregnancy you may have a little trouble getting pregnant again and you are that much more likely to have another one. This is not to scare you but be sure your doctor provides testing in the first weeks of pregnancy so they can be on top of any problems and find them early.

    My best to you and be well.

  171. Normany says:


    I am 37 years old with one son. I had a c-section in 2003. However, I had a tubal ligation in 2004 and a tubal reversal in 2009. I became pregant later in 2009 and it resulted in an ectopic pregnancy in which I had to have an emergency surgery (however the tube was saved).

    My doctor told me that I can try again in two months. However, I wonder would it be a wise decision considering all of the sugeries I’ve had; though only one has been a C-section. Scar tissue has never been mentioned by my doctor.

    Thanks for your time!

  172. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so sorry to say that chances of getting pregnant after a tubal are rare. It’s not impossible as there is about a 1.4% chance of getting pregnant, but that’s pretty slim.

    A tubal ligation basically cauterizes the ends of your tubes making it virtually impossible for the eggs to pass through. What’s even worse is that women getting pregnant after a tubal are also at risk for an ectopic pregnancy which is a pregnancy that doesn’t occur in the uterus, instead the embryo implants in other areas of the body like the fallopian tubes or the cervix and most often the baby does not survive this way.

    One other option you may have besides a tubal reversal is in vitro fertilization. This is where the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body and then implanted in your uterus, however the procedure is expensive. Also if you did this procedure and got pregnant another c-section might be risky with scarring problems or adhesions that you say you have.

    I would suggest you talk extensively with your doctor and discuss what your best options are, only s(he) knows your medical history and what specifically you are at risk for.

    I know this must be extremely hard for you and I hate bearing such bad news but try to take it one day at a time. Talk to your doctor, look at your options. I also happen to believe that prayer is powerful thing. Miracles happen every day 🙂

  173. Christen says:

    Hi, I am 28 yrs old now and I have had 2 c-sections and my babies were 20 months apart. With my first baby I was in labor with for 25 hrs but had to end up getting a c-section because he was too big. That was aug.2003. My 2nd c-section was scheduled but I had alot of scar tissue that he cut away. He said that I have scaring problems and due to the risks he thought it was best to have a tubal. So out of fear of complacations for the next pregnancy I had the tubal. It was a hard decision because I still want another baby I made the decision out of fear not that I didn’t want more children. It has been 4 yrs since my last c-section and I want another child so bad, but don’t want a reversal. What are the chances of getting pregnant without a tubal reversal? I have read alot of women that have and it turned out fine, but if I were to get pregnant how bad are my risks of something going wrong with that c-section?

  174. Elizabeth says:

    Where VBAC’s are concerned you are dealing with two separate issues when it comes to success.

    1. What are the chances a VBAC itself will be successful?

    2 what are the chances you’ll find a doctor that will support it.

    Since you’ve already had two c-sections the chances are reduced in both cases, however that doesn’t mean it can’t be successful, it’s just that we have no way of knowing.

    There are women who have had vaginal births after 2 c-sections but you are taking a big risk with rupturing, so it’s difficult to find a doctor, even a hospital, that will support it.

    I don’t have the statistics on having a VBAC after 2 c-sections, even after waiting several years, however you may want to look at it this way, if you do rupture this baby will probably be your last. You’re taking a big risk, not only for having more children but for your own health as well.

    I’m sorry I don’t have better news on this, but it’s a tough call to make and I would hate to see you rupture or have other complications.

  175. Mary says:

    I have my 1st c-section in 2005 because I had high blood pressure, induce and only progress to 7cm. The doctor decide to do a c-section. The second c-section was done in 2007. I tried for VBAC, and progress to 9cm , but my cervix was bruised. I was laboring for 2 hours and the Dr. decide to do a c-section due to CPD. It has been 2 years now since I had the last c-section. Is there a way that the Doctor would let me do a VBA2C. If I wait for 3 more years, then is my chance of a VBA2C higher success rate? I would love to have a big family like my parents and my husband’s parents.

  176. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Becky, Multiple c-sections are of concern due to the development of scar tissue which incrreases each time you have a c-section. For some women this is a big issue even after just one c-section, however there are some women who have had several c-sections with no problems at all. It often depends on the woman.

    Since you are healthy and have had good recoveries and your doctors have not raised any red flags with your last c-section I would not stress and go with the assumption that things will be fine. Don’t worry about things going wrong, things can go wrong with a vaginal birth as well. It’s going to be up to you to stay positive.

    Keep the communications open with your doctor. Find out what he thinks and how he feels about this up coming c-section. It always helps to talk about your fears and concerns and who better to talk to than the doctor.

    Do keep in touch, I’d like to know how it turns out for you 🙂
    Many Blessings, Elizabeth

  177. Becky says:

    Hi Elizabeth
    I’m currently expecting my fourth child and this will be my fourth c- section.
    My first was an emergency in sept2006 due to foetal distress.
    My second was an elective in nov 2007.
    My third was an elective in march 2009.
    This baby is due in june 2010.
    We had always planned for a large family and during my third c-section i told the surgeon to be careful as i wanted more!
    When i was discharged i asked if there was anything in my notes about the risks of conceiving again and the midwife said nothing that indicated i shouldnt have anymore.
    I have had excellent recoveries so far.
    I guess my worries are the surgery and the risk of more complications. Its against my belief to get my tubes tied.
    I’m just worried about anything goin wrong this time.
    I’m 31 and healthy.
    I think in my mind i would be happy with four, but we always said 6 up til we had the second section!
    Not really sure what i’m asking you! i think i’m just trying to organise my thoughts!
    Sometimes i think it would help if the decision was taken out of my hands!
    Sorry for the rambling!

  178. Elizabeth says:

    I felt a little regretful after my tubal as well, and I only had two kids at the time. 🙂 I would not recommend a reverse tubal. For one thing it’s more surgery and more recovery. It sounds like with your last c-section they had trouble with scar tissue. Scar tissue is a very big risk concern among women that have had multiple c-sections. If you were to have another baby and another c-section that compounds the scar tissue risk even more. For medical reasons I would say you absolutely did the right thing.

    You have 5 great kids who love and they depend on you. I know you would like more — but at what expense? You are no good to your family should problems arise with a tubal reversal or yet another c-section. At the time of the tubal you took the advice of your doctor and you put your health and the welfare of the children you already have first. I think that is an exceptional mom.

  179. Christine says:

    I have had 5 children. The first ended up as an c-section (the baby got sick). Then I had two successful VBACs. I tried to have a VBAC with the fourth, but being a week over due (vs 2 weeks early like the others), he literally got stuck. Another c-section. The fifth one was a scheduled c-section. The doctor wanted to know if I wanted a tubal ligation this time, due to the risks. I was very put off by the suggestion, but agreed to think about it over the course of the pregnancy. From a medical standpoint, I agreed a tubal ligation would be in order if medically necessary (provided he would inform me and my husband about the condition of my uterus at delivery). Feeling optimistic and invincible, I didn’t prepare myself for the chance that I would need a tubal ligation.

    It took them a lot longer than the other times to cut through the scar (they said it was like cement). My husband said he could see the baby’s hair through the uterus. The doctor said I’d have a 50% chance of having problems next time. I agreed to let them do the tubal ligation. I was feeling on top of the world, having my new baby.

    It didn’t take long (a few days) for the regret to set in. Maybe postpartum blues made it worse, but I cried a lot. Over the past year, I have just felt sad, wondering if I made the right decision. I know I have 5 kids (been very blessed), but I wanted more, and I guess I am just sad this is the end. I have often considered a tubal ligation reversal, but my husband says the uterus was the problem. It’s hard for me, because I didn’t see it, & I feel like I was drugged up when I made the decision. Did I do the right thing? or would you attempt a tubal ligation reversal?

  180. Nicki says:

    Kelly, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that #4 will be your much-awaited girl!!
    I’ve had 2 c/s, my first is a boy and my second is a girl. Best of luck to you!

  181. Kelly Herring says:

    Crystal, I feel like my 1st c-section was the hardest to heal…well, at first. The 2nd was a breeze. My 3rd went fine except when I opened back up after the removal of my staples. 🙁 I think the 1st seems to be the hardest because you are inexperienced and don’t know what level of pain to expect. With each c-section, you go in knowing what you are facing. I don’t think the pain level will be any different than before for you (or me) since you can mentally prepare yourself. To be honest, healing may even be a bit quicker since you won’t have scar tissue slowing down the skin and tissue regrowth. Good luck and God bless you! I can’t imagine how hectic my life is going to be with 4 (3 boys already, unsure of the gender on this one). I think it takes a brave woman to have that many kids. As for me, this one was a bit sooner than planned for (the pill didn’t work for me). I don’t think I want another one any time soon and I am pretty sure that this is going to be my last. I am desperately hoping that this one is a girl!!!

  182. Kelly Herring says:

    Julia, I have just recently recovered from my 3rd c-section. The DRs asked several times if I wanted my tubes tied. I asked if it was medically necessary or if it would be okay if I had another c-section in the future. After talking it out with the DR and my husband, I chose not to. Since then, I have learned that I will be having my 4th c-section in June. I’m a bit frightened this time because my last one was in July this year. According to the DRs in this area, it should be okay since it is going to be almost a year later. Most DRs recommend 2 years between c-sections. I really didn’t expect to be expecting this quickly (in fact, we were using birth control), but I think everything will go okay. My last pregnancy wound up being High Risk (due to the way my uterus was turned) and I was seen in a High Risk clinic. They told me that unless things go horribly wrong, they don’t see a problem with me having up to 5 kids but after that, things may get complicated… as for my family, I think 4 will be more than enough. I am just hoping that this one is a girl because the other 3 are all boys!

    Good luck in whatever you decide.

  183. Crystal says:

    Well with my first two i had the same ob then another for the second two. Now this one is different. I know that he did mention maybe making a cut up higher to try and avoid all the previous incisions. So is the pain to be expected like my 1st? That was the hardest recovery the other ones were ok besides the massive bleeding 2 weeks after my last c section. What are the risks that I am facing in general with this being my 5th? And what are the risks with the previous adhesions problems?

  184. Elizabeth says:

    Crystal, It’s true that scar tissue does become an issue with multiple c-sections. As you can see in this post alone there are lots of concerns. Your tubal ligation (getting fixed) may indeed be a problem for your doctor.

    I am not a doctor and I can’t give you any medical advice, however I believe 5 c-sections is a manageable risk, however every case is different. I’d discuss this at length with your doctor. What is his feeling? Is he overly concerned? You may also want to check with your doctor to see if he will have someone assist in the surgery. Some of the best surgeons around are gyn/oncologists so an assist may be something you’ll want to ask about.

  185. Crystal says:

    I am 25 yrs old and I am pregnant with my 5th child. I had my 1st c section on 3-19-04 2nd 2-27-05 3rd 11-01-07 4th 1-26-09 and my 5th is due 03-08-10 They used the same incision with all 4. During my last csection they had problems with the previous adhesions. I am so scared with this one. I want to get fixed but the dr said he may not be able to see due to all the scarring, I am worried. Ive never heard of this before. I am also worried about this being my 5th c section. any advice? Crystal

  186. Elizabeth says:

    Rajashrie, I feel terrible that you lost your baby with attempting a VBAC. That’s something I never like to hear. So many VBAC’s are successful but there are those that are not.

    As for attempting another pregnancy, no one but your doctor can advise you on that. I suggest scheduling time with your doctor. Compose all your questions and have your doctor outline the possible catestrophic scenarios that s(he) may foresee. You don’t want this to happen again, obviously, so you’re going to have to take great care to make sure the outcome is a successful one.

    May God Bless you and You are definitely in my prayers.

  187. Rajashrie Sharma says:

    I attempted vaginal birth in 2009 after my previous c section in 2005 and ended up with the scar rupturing and the baby and the placenta being pushed into the peritonial cavity and i lost my boy. Well i didnt need transfusion and my uterus was sutured but the worst happened, i lost my baby boy. I dont know whether i will ever be able to deliver in future. I have a 4 year old daughter and i was looking forward to my boy. I m 28 now and i dont know if i can carry a pregnancy in future.
    Please let me know if i should or c an attempt one, i would like to, really.
    Rajashrie Sharma
    Read more:

  188. Elizabeth says:

    Jamie, The first thing you need to do is find a good doctor. Second of all don’t be thinking about dying. That won’t do you or your family any good. Many women have had 5 sections. It’s not preferred but it can be done. How long has it been since your last c-section?

    If you’re reasonably healthy and had no previous problems there’s no reason to think you won’t be ok this time. Scar tissue can present problems but that does not mean that you will have problems. Talking with your doctor will help. Every case is different. You must think positively and have faith that everything will be fine.

    You may want to get ahold of your previous doctor by phone and see if he can refer another doctor, especially if you liked your last doctor. Getting a reference always makes me feel better.

  189. Jamie says:

    i just found out that i am pregnant with my 5th child and my obgyn is no longer working in my state so i have to find a new one, but this will be my 5th c-section, and they had problems with my scar tissue cutting through it, he didn’t say not to have NY MORE CHILDREN just to wait a while, this is very unplaned, i hav been on birth control since a month after my last child, and nothing has happend till now, i don’t even know how far along i am becase i have still had my periods on time, i found ut when i had pain going to the bathroom and went to the e.r. and had a u.t.i….
    my question is am i gonna die i heal fine after all of my births never any problems, i am just worried about whats going to happen, i dont belive in having my tubes tied and nither does my husband,

  190. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lizzy (btw, great name!)

    I’ve not had a reverse tubal or an IVF but I’d have to say neither of them is very pleasant.

    IVF’s can be performed after having a tubal ligation but as with any in vitro procedure there is a risk it will not take.

    My sister had an IVF, not because of a tubal but because she couldn’t get pregnant and it was hard for her. There’s a whole series of hormone shots and medications you must have. Because of all the hormonal activity she had lots of mood swings which makes it a little uncomfortable. She also had the procedure done twice before it worked.

    And that’s the other disadvantage – it doesn’t always take the first time so multiple tries can be expensive. One IVF try is on average about $15,000.

    Having your tubal reversed does require surgery and there seems to be several issues that determine it’s success. The advanced fertilization center of Chicago has some good information that you can look at here:

    Let us know what you decide. I’d be very interested in finding out how things turn out for you.
    I think this is a good topic for discussion and one that many women may be interested in.

    Many Blessings

  191. Lizzy says:

    Hello there! I have really enjoyed many of the stories here that i have read. I am 32 years old and will be 33 in December. I have 4 children (15,11,9,8). My first was at age 16 1/2 yrs old and i had a vaginal natural birth (1994) . It went REALLY quick so i had no time for drugs..HAHAHA! I had my second child 4 years later (1998).After 13 hours of labor and stopping at 5cm and my son’s heartrate dropping i had an emergency c-section. My 3rd child i opted for a scheduled c-section. This occurred in 2000 and the 4th child to arrive in 2001 via c-section. I had full term births- 1 vaginal and 3 c-sections. I had my tubes tied after my 4th child. Here i am 8 years later thinking of having another child. My husband is nervous because he’s heard horror stories. I assume having a tubal reversal will require surgery opening my incision? I haven’t researched it yet. I also heard that a woman who had her tubes tied may leave them that way and go through with IVF to avoid that surgery. Do you know of anyone to do this? This would be my 4th c-section. I did not have any complications during my pregnancies. I would like your opinion on this. THANKS for your time!

  192. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Natalie, Don’t let yourself feel afraid. Have confidence that things will go well. Your mindset is very important. As far as I know there are no tests that will diagnose adhesions, and they can’t be seen from x-rays or ultrasound.

    Adhesions can be a problem but many women have had more than 3 c-sections and have been fine. If you’ve already had 3 c-sections without issue you’re probably in pretty good shape.

    I would suggest finding a new doctor as soon as you can and discuss this with him/her at length. The good thing about being 33 is your doctor will be watching you carefully, so I would say you are in good hands. Remember stay positive and find a doctor you like, trust and have faith in and keep the communication going.

    I hope that helps 🙂

  193. Natalie says:

    Your site has been very informative. I’m 33 yrs old and just found out I’m pregnant with baby number 4. I never expected this. My previous 3 babies have all been c-sections and I can remember my OB telling me that the recommended number of babies born via c-section was 3. She never commented on my uterus or scar tissue. I never asked after my 3rd baby was here and we were “done” having children. Now I find myself scared because I don’t know if this will be a safe birth for me or baby. My 1st section was due to failure to progress in 2002 (in labor 27 hrs and never got past 4cm dilated). My 2nd baby I BEGGED for a VBAC, but my OB was steadfast that since my son (who was a week late) was 9lb 2oz she would not let me go past my due date. So on my due date I had my 2nd section…which was 2005 (oh, and that baby was only 8lb 4oz). Then feeling I had no other choice when it came to number 3, I had my 3rd (and I thought final) c-section in February of last year. Now I’m so nervous because of my age and the fact this is my 3rd baby that something will go wrong. I no longer see the same OB and we kinda had a falling out right before number 3 was born so I really don’t want to ask her what my uterus looked like…is this something they can tell in an ultrasound??

  194. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Nicole, There are women who have had more than 4 c-sections, just take a look at Morgan she’s very inspirational.

    However, every person is different. Just because someone else had no problems doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. Since you have had both vertical and horizontal cuts I would guess you have a large amount of scar tissue and this would be a significant issue for most doctors and most advice would be to avoid another pregnancy.

    I would suggest speaking with your doctor on this. If you are in good health and your pregnancies tend to go well you may be less at risk, however if you have large amounts of scar tissue, that presents other problems. Talking to your doctor may help you both sort through those things and determine a safe course of action. I hope that helps 🙂

  195. Nicole says:

    Hi, I am just wondering, I would like to get pregnant sometime in the next year, my baby is currently 6 months old. I have had all c-sections. My first 3 sections I was cut from the belly button down, and this last baby was a bikini cut. I have had 4 sections and can I still have another child or it it not safe. I have not had any problems during my pregnancy’s or sections.

  196. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jasmin, Not knowing your medical history it’s hard to say what is best for you, however having had c-sections already most doctors prefer not to go with a vaginal birth. However since it’s been 5 yrs since your last c-section there may be a chance. I would recommend talking to several doctors about your situation and your wishes. Find a doctor that understands your wishes and come up with a plan together. The problem is that even though you may try to do a vaginal birth it often ends in a c-section because doctors fear that the old scarring may rupture, and that’s very dangerous and no doctor wants to risk that, but in all honesty you don’t want to risk that either. I wish you the best of luck, let us know how things turn out for you.

  197. Jasmin says:

    Hi Ive just turned 25 on Aug 16th and I ve already had 3 c sections.
    I just found out a couple of weeks ago that I am now pregnant with my 4th child going on 2months. With my first child I was just 16 yrs old when I had him and I dialated the whole 10 cm, So my nurse let me push only once when the doc walks in and says that it will be a c section because the baby is too big he of course didnt care what I said cause I was a minor back then, He got the approval from my mother…and my son weighed 7lbs 12 ounces..That was back in Dec 2000. Then with my second child I talked to my doc if I could really try and have my daughter natural and when it came down to it, I started getting my contractions I dialated pretty quickly till I got to 6 cm I started slowing down and she “the doc” told me she really didnt have time and it would be best if I just get another c section..That was in May 2003..And then with my third I found another doc that could atleast hear me out and he did he was very nice and sweet I talked to him about giving birth naturally because I actually felt that there really wasnt a reason for me to have a c section on my last two pegnacies..And he told me about all the risk and made me sign some paper work but then at the last min my daughter turns and never turns back around It was very frustrating for me having her breeched all the time so I talked to my doc about it and he scheduled me a c section…That was in June 2005….By the time I have this baby it will be 5 yrs from my last c section.And now that I am pregnant Im kinda scared cause of the last 3 c sections I ve had….And I also wonder if theres any chance that I could have a natural birth. I havent got a doc yet Im really trying to look for a good doc that can help me and understand me..I dont want any like with my first two pregnacies…I felt like they really didnt care maybe cause I was too young…But Im kinda nervise can you please give me some advice..Thanks

  198. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Joanna, Thanks for sharing! Many blessings to you on having your final baby. I guess you’re a good example of someone who has had multiple c-sections. I’m assuming you haven’t had any complications by having so many surgeries and I certainly hope your last c-section goes well also.

  199. Joanna Sees says:

    Hello, Everyone! I have had 4 C-sections, and am currently 6 weeks pregnant. I grew up from a big family with 6 other siblings. My sisters and I have already given my mom 12 grandchildren, and she is only 51 years old. I already know that a VBAC is not an option for me. It was not an option after my third c-section, so I know that I will have another c-section. I am really excited to have my fifth and last baby, since my goal was to have my five kids before I turn 30. I am 4 years ahead of schedule. My c-sections were a year apart with my first being in SEP 03, AUG 05, JUN 07, SEP 08, and my next one will be due in APR 10. I will be having my tubes tied, or cut, or whatever. I don’t plan on having another baby after this one. **I’m kinda hoping I have twins, so I can have 6 babies… instead of 5 =D Like I said, I’m really excited, and can’t wait to have my baby.

  200. Elizabeth says:

    Latasha, I would definitely check with your doctor. 4 c-sections is a lot but it’s been done. Of course reversing your tubal requires yet another surgery so if you have another c-section you’re now up to 5 surgeries. That’s not to be taken lightly. By checking with your doctor s(he) can coach you based on your current health and past pregnancies.

  201. latasha says:

    I have had 3 c-sections. My first was F.T.P,and my 2nd and 3rd were by choice since I never dialated or had contractions with either. I had my tubes tied after my 3rd which was 3 yrs ago. I now want another child, is it safe to reverse my tubal ligation and have a 4th c-section?

  202. c-section blog says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Have you spoken to your doctor about this? As I mentioned to Stephanie above, having several c-sections already puts you at a substantial risk. If it were me, I would not attempt a natural birth at this time. I can tell that you would really like to attempt it but the risks could present problems that you would regret. How long has it been since your last c-section? The longer the time between c-sectioons can help but I’d seriously discuss it with your doctor first.

  203. Lisa says:

    I have had 3 c sections and am wondering if it is possible to try a vbac at this point. My first child was way too big to come out vaginally, my second child had a medical condition that required her to be delivered by c section (I did go in labor with her though I was 6cm dialated when the c section began) My third was a scheduled c section. I am wondering if it would be safe to try going natural this time. I would love to have at least one of my babies natural. I have had no complications and the baby is head down and healthy.

  204. c-section blog says:

    Hi Stephanie, being that your last child was born 5 years ago makes you somewhat of a good VVBAC candidate, however having had 2 c-sections already presents risks. However, it doesn’t hurt to consider it and don’t be afraid that your doctor won’t be supportive, talk to her anyway and let her argue her case. Consider carefully what she says and speak up on things that you question. Also it never hurts to talk with another doctor on topic. You don’t have to change doctors just talk with other doctors for their opinions and input.

    Keep in touch with us on this. I’d like very much to know how it turns out for you.

    Many Blessings, Elizabeth 🙂

  205. Stephanie says:

    Hi. I am happy a mother of three. My first delivery was vaginal followed by 2 cesareons due to the babies bieng breech. I am currently 6 months pregnant (after five years) and would love to have a vbac should this baby be in the correct position and everything else is going well. I haven’t told my doctor of the way I am feeling because I am afraid that she will not be supportive of my wanting the vbac. So, could I or should I consider the vbac?

  206. c-section blog says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Just because you don’t go into labor doesn’t mean there’s less risk. Your risk is still increased. The weakest part of your uterus is at the scar area and with every c-section you have there is more weakness around the scar and that is always a concern. But I also understand that at around the time of delivery your uterine wall becomes thinner, I’ve even heard it can be so thin you can see right through it. If that’s the case it makes sense that the area around your scar is even weaker as well.

    I cannot advise you on what to do. I am not a doctor but your doctor knows your body, she has seen your scar tissue and knows your uterus. She’s basing her recommendation on the level of weakness at your incision site after having 3 c-sections and she is the best one to advise you.

    Also keep in mind that scar tissue does increase the risk for placenta accreta in subsequent pregnancies.

    Many Blessings

  207. Wendy Cummings says:

    I am 34 and I have had 3 C-sections, each about 2 years apart. The first was performed after approximately 24 hours of labor because I never completely dilated and my baby was 2 weeks past due. My second was due to the fact that he was 10lbs.12oz. My third of course was because a VBAC was not recommended. After my second and third C-section the Dr told me that I had a lot of scar tissue and that I should really weigh my decision to have one more. I questioned her about the risks and she stated that uterine rupture was the greatest risk posed by multiple C-sections.
    What I didn’t quite understand after our discussion was did the scar tissue increase my risk? I never heard her mention a thin uterine wall. Is that something different than scar tissue? She did say that uterine rupture was a concern only if I went into labor. I never went into labor with any of my children, as stated before my first was 2 weeks past due I had to be induced, my last two scheduled c-sections was on their due dates because of conflicts in my husband’s school schedule and again I never went into labor. Should I feel pretty confident in that fact or does it not matter? We would like to try to become pregnant this fall which would make this c-section a little over 2 years since my last.

  208. c-section blog says:

    Hi Julia, I really feel your pain as to what to do. It’s hard to know and no doctor will give you a solid answer, if they do and something goes wrong they will be liable. It makes sense for them but it’s hard for you. There are many women who have had 3+ c-sections, one story is from Morgan who I’ve featured here at this blog.

    However with each c-section comes a greater risk for complications with the next pregnancy. Some women have no problems, some do, you can’t really predict complications unless you have obvious medical conditions. From a medical standpoint a doctor only has his statistics to rely on.

    No doctor can make the decision for you, they can make their recommendations but it’s up to you to empower yourself by thinking it through. Weigh all the pluses and minuses and then come up with your own decision based on fact and emotion. I know that’s much easier said than done.

    You mentioned that you can feel your scar tissue. Scar tissue does increase the risk for placenta accreta in subsequent pregnancies, you might ask your doctor how bad your scar tissue really is and if he can give you an honest idea of how much at risk you are for placenta accreta.

    Go to authority sites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic and read as much as you can. Chances are if your overall health is good and your last c-sections went well you will be fine but that’s never a given and you should consider the risks carefully.

    Also start with talking to other women who have had more than 3 c-sections. Get some insight from them, I think the personal interaction and support you get from others helps a lot in making a decision and feeling good about what you decide.

    I hope that helps 🙂

  209. Julia says:

    I’m pregnant with my third child and I am scheduled for my third c-section in the second week of October. They’ve asked me several times if I wanted to get my tubes tied and I am just stuck on my decision. I will be 36 yrs old two weeks after my third child is born, so age is also a concern of mine. My first c-section was due to “failure to progress”. Although we were warned that we would be convinced to have a c-section for no reason b/c it’s common now, I was just to out of it to make any decisions and allowed them to do it after just 11 hrs of labor. I was devastated when I realized what happened and had to go home after major surgery and a new baby. I found another doctor that did VBACS for my second child but b/c she never dropped, my doctor scheduled me for an Ultra sound and realized she was big. He told me that I can wait longer to see if she drops but she’ll only get bigger and I may still need to get a c-section. So we decided we just to have her via scheduled c-section. That doctor has since retired and I went back to the first doctor. There are no doctors in my area that do vbacs!
    Although I wish I could have a “normal” delivery, I have some what accepted that I will only have VBACS and there is nothing I can do about it. I’ve never had any medical issues and my c-sections have both gone smoothly. You can feel some thick scar tissue around the inside of my incision but they have never mentioned that being an issue.
    I can’t decide if I want to have my tubes tied. I can see my doctors look at me, waiting for me to decide what to do and remind me it’s not recommended that I have more then three c-sections. But I feel like my doctors are making the decision for me. I’ve never really felt in control of my deliveries. I’m confused on what questions to ask. Do I just wait until my next c-section and see how it goes? That would mean I would not get my tubes tied and if I don’t heal properly, then I would have to worry about some kind of birth control. I feel as though my doctors some how go around my questions and there is no real solid answer. I just want to make sure it’s fairly safe to have another child. What kind of questions should I ask them?

  210. c-section blog says:

    Hey Kelly, BTW, great name, that’s my daughter’s name too 🙂

    The longer you wait between c-sections the better, it gives your uterus more time to heal and that’s always a plus. Having two scars in different places now gives you two areas of your uterus to worry about but 3 years between births helps. I had two c-sections that were 4 years apart and the doctor went over the same scar and I had no problems.

    As a best guess I would say that your next c-section would be ok going over one of the previous scars, since it will be 3 years since your last c-section, however be sure to discuss this with your doctor. Make sure he understands your concerns and make sure you understand how he plans to proceed. There’s never a guarantee, but you have 3 years healing time on your side so that will help, how much it helps will need to be accurately determined by your doctor.

    As always, my best for your health,

  211. Kelly says:

    … by the way, if we were to conceive in a few months … the next c-section would be 3 years after the previous one.

  212. Kelly says:

    I’ve had two c-sections and we are thinking about getting pregnant again in a few months. My first two kids are only a year and a week apart. With my daughter (second baby) they had to cut my uterus in a different place than the first because my doctor feared my uterus would be too thin to stitch closed if she went though my previous scar. So now my uterus has two different scars on it. What are my risks of having another c-section? Do I have a higher risk of rupturing now that I have two scars? (I believe the second incision on my uterus is towards the top).

  213. c-section blog says:

    Hi Kendall,

    Ideally you want to wait at least a year between c-sections, even longer if you can. The longer you wait the longer the internal incisions have to heal. In fact, waiting several years is what makes a VBAC more successful, however a VBAC is probably out of the question for you since you’ve already had 3 c-sections.

    There are women who have had as many as 6 or more c-sections, although I wouldn’t advise this, many women have done it.

    Your issues will come with scar tissue and adhesions. The more surgeries you have the more adhesions you’ll have.

    But getting back to having c-sections close together, there is no one answer fits all on this. Every woman is different and it can depend on your overall health and how well the last c-sections went. Even if you get pregnant tomorrow it will have been 14 months since your last c-section. That’s not very long but it has been done.

    Since you’ve already had 3 c-sections, and I’m assuming there were no complications, have a talk with your doctor and get his feelings on the matter. But my best advice would be to do your best to delay getting pregnant again for at least another 6 months — if you can. I know that can be asking a lot but it’s just better for your body the longer it has to heal. But do talk with your doctor.

    Many Blessings

  214. Kendall says:

    I have had 3 c-sections and I am concerned about how many kids I can have because my husband and I want a large family. We don’t like birth control because I have been on 10 different ones and my body freaks out with the hormones. Needless to say our kids aren’t very far apart in age. Last 2 are 15 months apart. I don’t know how dangerous it gets the more kids we want. Is there a limit to the number of C-sections that you can have? Our latest daughter is almost 5 months old and I am about to go off birth control because my body again can’t handle it and it is the last one I am going to try. I know there are natural ways of tracking when you ovulate but I am very unregular and I really would like to get pregnant again so I know that there won’t be much time between C-sections. Is this bad?

  215. c-section blog says:

    Hi Brianna,

    Having a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) can be quite safe, in fact many women have had no problems. It can depend, however, on the type of incision you had and the span of time between births.

    For example, if you had a vertical incision there’s almost no chance of having a VBAC, however if you had the traditional horizontal ‘bikini cut’ chances are better that your physician is willing to perform a VBAC.

    The issue lies with the internal stitching that occured during your c-section. If those internal sutchers break open causing uterine rupture there can be serious complications and most doctors don’t want to risk that, therefore many doctors become reluctant to perform VBAC’s. In fact there are some hospitals that don’t allow VBAC’s at all.

    The other VBAC risk is that if you attempt a vaginal delivery that is unsuccessful and you end up with another c-section there is a greater risk of uterine infection. In fact according to Webmd 40% of women who attempt a VBAC develop problems and have a c-section anyway, but don’t let that discourage you, that just means the 60% are successful!

    How long ago did you have your c-section? The longer the time span between births can be a positive. For example, a doctor is more comfortable trying a VBAC on a woman who’s c-section was 5 years ago verses a woman who had a c-section just one or two years ago.

    It’s important to understand that every woman is different. It all comes down to your overall health, the health of the baby. There’s no one answer fits all. My recommendation is understand the risks and talk with your doctor about how he feels and his recommendations.

    Many Blessings to You

  216. brianna says:

    i had my daughter via c-section due to her being breech i am hoping to have a vaginal birth the next time what are the risks???

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