How To Lose Your Belly After A C-Section

how to lose your belly after c-sectionSick of your C-Section belly?

I was. 

But I won’t lie to you, losing your belly after a C-Section is hard for moms because you’re recovering from major abdominal surgery. That makes strenuous exercise impossible for at least 8-10 weeks after surgery.

The good news is that there are things you can do almost immediately after surgery to get the ball rolling on losing your belly ;-)

3 Effective Tips For Losing your belly after a C-Section

- Strengthen your Pelvic Floor.  To effectively lose your belly after a C-Section you have to get your pelvic muscles back in shape.  This makes future abdominal exercise and strengthening more effective.

Jago Holmes, personal trainer for C-Section moms, demonstrates the best abdominal exercises in his guide to exercising after a C-Section. These are the very exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor giving you a flatter tummy.

These exercises are much more than just squeezing your pelvic muscles really tight, they do an awesome job of strengthening your pelvic floor giving you the flat tummy look. They also guard against risk of bladder leakage, prolapse and pelvic instability while getting your tummy in shape.

- Walk Routinely.  Get on a schedule for walking and stick to it.   Walking is super effective for the C-Section mom because it’s low impact, and if you practice pelvic floor exercises as you walk you’ll soon notice your belly begin to shrink.

If you can’t get outside, use a treadmill, or make an outing to the gym.

Just 20 minutes a day of belly tightening walks are as effective, and certainly a lot more safe, than doing ab crunches or sit-ups.  I still walk today for keeping my belly tight and trim  and I love the Horizon compact treadmill, just like the one in the picture.

I keep it in my office ;-)

- Use Gentle Massage.  After having a C-Section, adhesions and scar tissue may form causing weakness in your pelvic area.  To fight against this, doing some hand massage or adhesion self massage therapy can be a huge help.  Massage can help distribute the adhesions so that your muscles can move and strengthen.

This gentle abdominal massage is something you can do at home yourself and goes a long way to help give your muscles a chance to regain strength, as well as relieve pain that is so often common with abdominal adhesions.

What Not To Do For Losing Your C-Section Belly

Exercise will help you lose your belly after a C-Section, but be smart about it.

Doing too much too soon or doing the wrong things will only cause injury, prove ineffective and  delay your recovery.  

Before you get too anxious to lost that belly, there are exercises that you should NOT be doing right after C-Section surgery.

In fact doing the wrong exercises or doing too much can actually injure your abdominal muscles to the point of no recovery.  This is often called diastasis recti.  It’s a separation or gap between your abdominal muscles that’s caused by a thinning of the tissues that connect your muscles.

For this reason it’s important to avoid sit-ups and crunches until about 8 weeks after surgery.  Intense abdominal exercises like sit-ups and crunches done too soon after your C-Section can actually injure your abdominal muscles. Once these muscles are injured it becomes harder to get your abs back in shape.

To avoid abdominal muscle injury do pelvic tilt exercises, isometric ab squeezes or abdominal exercises recommended after a C-Section instead. These will gradually strengthen your abdominal muscles and keep them from being injured.


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Mother, author, Cesarean researcher and C-Section mom herself, Elizabeth supports and helps educate women on C-Section birth, planning, making informed choices and recovering well.


  1. Martha says:

    Great information , thanks a lot . I feel silly now , after 2 c-sections and each time I assumed they cut your muscles , in fact a mid wife told me they cut 7 layers of muscles in the lower abdomen , I was terrified that I would never look the same , but after hard work and dedication the belly was gone .( I guess since the muscles were not cut I was able to achieve that !! ) Glad you mentioned strengthening the pelvic floor , I am a professional theatrical dancer/instructor and we focus on building pelvic floor strength with dance posture , it works and is the key to getting rid of the belly post baby …!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Martha, it’s amazing how many people think muscle is cut during a C-section. It is possible to get rid of that belly if you understand how to effectively do it. Thanks so much for your great feedback :-)

  3. Radha says:

    hello ,

    i am radha.I am 27yrs old. My c-section was happened before 2yrs.But my belley is still looks like 8 months pregnant.I dont eat much also.Before pregnancy i was very slim. Now also i m lean but my bellyy became big. Pls advice me to reduce will reduce or not???????????

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Radha, if you are slim and your belly looks 8 months pregnant, you should have that checked out by a doctor. That’s more than just a fat belly. You may have something else going on.

  5. Letty says:

    This should be done so that you will recover fast and more importantly you will effectively lose the extra weight. You also want to be aware of what the possible consequences are in order to prevent and avoid injury.
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