How To Lose Your Belly After A C-Section

how to lose your belly after c-section

Sick of your C-Section belly?

I was :-(

The worst thing about a C-Section belly is that it takes longer to lose because recovery takes longer.

So how do you lose your belly after a C-Section and how soon can you expect to look good again?

The popular suggestion is a tummy tuck.  But it’s not mine.

A tummy tuck is an easy solution but unless you want more surgery, more expense and more surgical risk then it’s not really a better solution.

Based on personal experience and things that work for other women these are ways to lose your C-Section belly that won’t be nearly as risky, expensive or painful. :-)

Losing your Belly after A C-Section Starts with a Good Diet

I hate the word ‘diet’. It sounds too much like deprivation — and that doesn’t work.

Being ‘on a diet’ doesn’t mean depriving yourself or eating things that you hate. In fact if you get hungry  on a diet you’re not dieting correctly.

For C-section moms your body is healing so you need nutrients that help you heal.  And if you’re breastfeeding you can’t really “diet” because your baby needs nourishment.

To effectively lose your belly you need to eat foods that your body needs to heal while at the same time losing the fat. In other words you have to be very aware of what you are eating.

There are thousands of ‘diets’ out there but honestly I don’t recommend any of them.  If you simply eat sensibly, skip snacks, chips, desserts, starchy and sugary foods and eat things like fruits, nuts, lean meats, chicken and fish you’ll do fine. If you need to snack eat things like yogurt, nuts, protein bars and even chocolate, just make sure it’s dark chocolate.  Of course always drink plenty of water.

It’s not necessary to deprive yourself of the things you like now and then. Dessert once a week or your favorite meal now and then is certainly OK, however as a daily routine keep your meals to the healthier side and you could stand to lose about a pound or more a week.

Lose Your C-Section Belly With Exercise

I don’t love exercise but it’s necessary to get back into shape. But exercise doesn’t have to be grueling to be effective.

In fact those hard core sit-ups and ab crunches aren’t the best exercises following a C-Section.  Some abdominal exercises done too soon after a C-Section can cause diastasis recti. This is a separation of the abdominal muscles and it can be damaging, even causing permanent muscle pooch.

That’s not to say you can never do ab crunches or sit ups ever again, but if you’ve had a C-Section you shouldn’t do them until about 3–6 months after your surgery.  Or you could also check with your doctor.

My point is that sit-ups and ab crunches aren’t the only way to lose belly fat and get a flatter tummy. I did it with something much easier.


Here’s what I did and still do today…

- Walk. 

I walk!  I go for a 2-4 mile walk every day.  Just 30-45 minutes a day walking is ideal for weight loss, losing belly fat, and a healthy heart.

If you can’t get outside, use a treadmill.  I personally prefer just getting outside. Put baby in a stroller and get out for a walk, it’s good for both of you.

If your tummy is still sore, try using a C-Section abdominal binder, it will relieve the soreness and will also help strengthen your tummy muscles.

If your abdominal muscles aren’t sore try holding your tummy muscles in while walking, keeping them as tight as you can helps strengthen them and get them back into shape quicker.

- Pilates

Pilates is perfect for core strengthening. These are exercises that tone and tighten abdominal muscles.  It’s this toning that actually burns belly fat.

For post C-section moms however, I don’t recommend standard Pilates.  Instead there’s an awesome Pilates book and DVD by Jennifer Gianni created specifically for C-Section moms with a six week plan that women all over the world have had success with. It’s one of the few post C-Section abdominal exercises I recommend.

Diet & Exercise Together CAN  Reduce Your C-Section Belly Fat

If you’ve had little to no success with diet and exercise it’s probably because you’re doing one with out the other. Diet and exercise need to work simultaneously.

Here’s the misconception…

Abdominal exercises alone won’t get rid of the belly fat.

A flatter, less fatty belly comes from the combination of raising your metabolism rate, losing belly fat and strengthening your abdominal muscles.

For example, sit-ups and ab crunches will tone the six pack muscles but they won’t do much to tone your lower belly fat.   In fact sit-ups and crunches alone can give you that lower ‘pot belly’ look that so many women have.

Effective toning and loss of belly fat has to combine:

  • Strengthening Your abdominal muscles
  • Raising your metabolism
  • Reducing Fat

3 Effective Strategies For How To Lose Your belly after a C-Section

Strengthen Your abdominal muscles.

Pelvic floor exercises are the most effective for moms who have had a C-Section. They can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and help flatten your tummy. They can also be done within a day or so after your C-Section.

To rebuild strength and control start working on your deep core muscles with exercises like I Leg V-ups, planks and burpees. These are exercises you can do within about 8-10 weeks of your surgery or with your doctor’s OK.

- Walk Routinely.

Walking is super effective for the C-Section mom because it’s low impact yet increases your metabolism rate

Furthermore if you practice pelvic floor exercises as you walk you WILL notice your belly begin to shrink.

That’s exactly what worked for me. As soon as I began walking and practicing pelvic tightening I saw a difference.

If you can’t get outside try a treadmill. I still use my Horizon compact treadmill to this day.

For me just 20 minutes a day of belly tightening walks, either outside or on the treadmill keeps my belly fat in check and looking trim.

Eat a Low Fat Diet.

The final and most important part of the flat belly strategy is sticking to a low fat diet.

You don’t have to avoid all fat, after all some fat intake makes life enjoyable, but limit it where you can.

There you have it ladies.

Losing your C-Section belly doesn’t have to be rigorous or strenuous. Simply keep on a steady diet of low fats, walk often to increase your metabolism rate, and get on a post C-Section exercise routine.

Here’s to a flatter belly and a more beautiful you :-)


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  1. Letty says:

    This should be done so that you will recover fast and more importantly you will effectively lose the extra weight. You also want to be aware of what the possible consequences are in order to prevent and avoid injury.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Radha, if you are slim and your belly looks 8 months pregnant, you should have that checked out by a doctor. That’s more than just a fat belly. You may have something else going on.

  3. Radha says:

    hello ,

    i am radha.I am 27yrs old. My c-section was happened before 2yrs.But my belley is still looks like 8 months pregnant.I dont eat much also.Before pregnancy i was very slim. Now also i m lean but my bellyy became big. Pls advice me to reduce will reduce or not???????????

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Martha, it’s amazing how many people think muscle is cut during a C-section. It is possible to get rid of that belly if you understand how to effectively do it. Thanks so much for your great feedback :-)

  5. Martha says:

    Great information , thanks a lot . I feel silly now , after 2 c-sections and each time I assumed they cut your muscles , in fact a mid wife told me they cut 7 layers of muscles in the lower abdomen , I was terrified that I would never look the same , but after hard work and dedication the belly was gone .( I guess since the muscles were not cut I was able to achieve that !! ) Glad you mentioned strengthening the pelvic floor , I am a professional theatrical dancer/instructor and we focus on building pelvic floor strength with dance posture , it works and is the key to getting rid of the belly post baby …!

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