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This section features a few of our more popular posts published on C-Section Birth and Recovery.

C-Section Adhesions and Scar Tissue
C-Section adhesions and scar tissue are the body’s way of replacing damaged, cut tissues at the incision site, however they can cause several long term health complications. Because of these complications, adhesions are one of the biggest concerns women have when having a C-Section.

Multiple C-Sections – How Many is Too Many?
Any time you have surgery there is risk and the more surgeries you have the greater your chance of complications. Find out what the C-Section risks are and how they compound with each additional c-section.

How To Lose Your  C-Section Belly
If you’re trying to lose your post C-Section belly fat, here are the dos and don’ts that are safe and the most effective.

How to identify c-section infections
Tips for how to identify the onset of a C-Section infection both internally and externally.

Tokophobia – fear of childbirth
The psychological fear of childbirth is very real for many women. The fear has destroyed relationships, caused anxiety, depression and has caused women to feel like outcasts. Find out more about this unusual phobia.

C-Section recovery timeline
A detailed C-Section recovery timeline starting from the first day in the hospital, through recovery at home and beyond.

8 Most Common C-Section Complications & How To Avoid Them
Surgery, even C-Sections, can present complications. These are 8 of the most common and how you can manage, even avoid, them.

Preparing for Your C-Section
women who are prepared with both mind and body have fewer complications, less pain and recover more quickly than those who don’t prepare. Here are ways to effectively prepare for your surgery helping ensure less stress and anxiety and a more positive birth experience.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Topics

  1. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Ho Nono,

    It’s not recommended to have a Vaginal birth after more than 2 C-Sections. The risk of uterine rupture goes up drastically with every C-Section you have.

    Also if you’ve had C-Sections because of large babies chances are you’ll have another large baby, so having a vaginal birth wouldn’t be a safe choice. However I’d also recommend talking to your doctor and research the risks; even having another C-Section can be risky.

    Blessings and my best 🙂

  2. nono says:

    Is it safe to have a normal birth after three c sections. The reason I had c sections was the size of the babies.

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