Finding The Motivation to Exercise After Having A C-Section

motivation to exercise

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As a new mom, it’s hard finding Motivational Quotes to keep in mind after having a C-Section.  I remember being there myself.

What’s even harder for C-Section moms is that you can’t do any real exercise until several weeks after having C-Section surgery. Sometimes it can be months.  Finally when you are able to exercise you often lose the motivation.  That was exactly my experience.   So I know how depressing it can be. 

When my doctor finally gave me the OK to exercise the motivation would come and go. I remember waking up, looking  in the mirror and thinking, “ughhh“.  But I needed to get serious with dropping theses pounds so one day I got all my energy together, changed my attitude and joined a gym. I paid for an entire year of membership and guess what?  I hardly ever went. Seriously, I think I only went about 6 times the first month. Have you ever done that?  🙄

So how do you get the motivation to exercise and stick with it?

For me seeing results gave me motivation. Once I can see that what I’m doing is working I’ll keep doing it.  There isn’t much you can do in those first couple of weeks after having a C-Section so I did try to walk as much as I could.  It wasn’t rigorous walking but it was something.   I did see some results but it can be slow when you’re only walking.

Today I still walk every day which is a perfect weight maintenance but once you’re given the OK to exercise you really need to do more, and of course you need to keep up your motivation.

Finding the right exercise program is important, but let me warn you not all exercise, especially abdominal exercise after a C-Section, is right for C-Section moms, so be careful of what exercises you do.   Of course sticking with a program for more than just a few days a month is important too 🙂 That’s where motivation comes in.

Here are a few things that helped me…

Before we go on, let me give you some healthy advice. If you’ve had a C-Section try to ignore the urge to exercise before your doctor’s OK. Exercising too early or doing the wrong exercise too soon can set you back physically making the time to get back into exercise that much longer, not to mention you can cause yourself some serious Diastasis injury.  So be sure you check with your doctor before doing exercise that’s more than simply walking. You can also get healthier food and drinks as tea so you will end up feeling better.

Dr. John J. Edney of renowned facial plastic surgeons has the skills and experience to enhance your appearance and help alleviate allergies and chronic sinus infections so you’ll look and feel your best.

1. Get on the buddy system. If you like the  gym but lack the motivation to go, find someone that will go with you on a regular basis. I’ve done several exercise programs since my first gym membership fiasco, but it can be a lot harder to actually go if you’re going alone.  If you have someone ringing your door bell every day who is ready to go, or if there is someone at the gym waiting on you, chances are you’re more likely to go.  It’s the accountability factor and it’s a lot more desirable than working out all by yourself.

2. Get some new workout clothes and shoes.  Having some new things makes working out so much more fun!  When I have new clothes or shoes it motivates me to USE what I bought, it’s like having a new start.

But let me give you some good advice. If you’ve had a C-Section try to forego the urge to exercise before your doctor’s OK. Exercising too early or doing the wrong exercise too soon can only set you back. This can make the time to get back into exercise that much longer, not to mention you can cause yourself some serious injury such as Diastasis.

3. Remember why you’re working out.  Why do you want to lose weight or get back in shape?  Most likely its because your clothes don’t fit or you hate the way you look in the mirror or someone made a ‘fat’ comment that made you feel bad, or perhaps you just want to feel better about yourself.  There could be any number of reasons why you want to get back in shape; what ever it is keep it in the forefront of your mind. This is a great way to help you stick with it.

Also try these:

  • Post pictures on the fridge of your pre-pregnancy body
  • Post pictures of your ideal body
  • Read lots of fitness magazines and search for fitness tips online.
  • Read success stories and post before and after pictures of those success stories on your fridge or somewhere you often look every day.
  • Keep an exercise log or graph.
  • Print out motivational quotes and keep those in sight.

4. Reward yourself.  What do you love to do or have or perhaps snack on?  Whatever it is you can’t have it until you complete your daily exercise regime.  If you don’t exercise for that day, you don’t get the thing you love. Make it that simple.  I love a glass of wine at the end of the day. If I don’t exercise or get my daily walk in; I don’t get my glass of wine.

5. Buy that perfect size.  One day I was shopping and found a dress that I absolutely loved.  I knew I wouldn’t look good in it because I still had several pounds to lose, they also didn’t have it in my size.

What really motivated  me to lose those extra pounds was to buy it in the size I wish I was, which was 2 sizes smaller than the size I was at the time.  I was taking that bold step of faith that I’d lose those extra pounds; and it worked for me.

Sometimes it takes having a vision of what you want. A specific goal to strive for. Hanging on to that goal and having the confidence in yourself to keep up the push can be a real lifesaver when trying to get back into shape.

6. Get an Exercise coach or Personal trainer.   This isn’t for everyone but it’s a huge motivator and a great support system. I’ve never used a personal trainer myself; I guess I never wanted someone paying that much attention to me in public; sort of a personal thing  😕  But I know it works!

The downside to a personal coach is that they can be pricey and there aren’t many new moms that can put out the cash for that, even if it’s only temporary.

There is another option; a personal trainer on video. I’m not talking about the exercise craze videos or just any exercise videos, there are videos specifically for moms who have just recently given birth or had a C-Section and desperately need get to the core of shaping up ~ and of course need the motivation to exercise.

a video I love and highly recommend is Wendy Powell’s core strengthening/sculpting video.  I love that it’s specifically  designed for C-Section moms.  It’s not just exercise, it’s a confidence builder packed with motivation. You’ll build a solid strong core and an envious  shape in just 15 minutes a day.

I don’t have the bandwidth to go into all the details of Wendy’s program here, but if all else has failed and you just can’t shed those pounds on your own, have a peek at what Wendy can do for you, this just may be the very thing that gives you the confidence, support and motivation you need.  If nothing else get her FREE PDF on the “10 Things your doctor doesn’t tell you about your post baby body“.  This exposes why many new moms struggle with getting back into shape, and Wendy conquers all of them.

I hope these tips have helped motivate you to get into shapenbut you deserve to give yourself the best chance you can, and I’m all for doing it the easiest way you can 😀


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