Getting Rid of Your C-Section Shelf

c-section shelf


If you’ve had a C Section you probably have an annoying extra fold of skin that hangs down over your C-Section scar called a C-section shelf.

This C-Section shelf is embarrassing.  It looks terrible and makes a woman feel ugly.

If you have a C-Section shelf no doubt you want to get rid of it.

Here’s some advice on what worked for me.  

How To Get Rid of A C-Section Shelf?

A C-Section shelf is difficult to get rid of mainly because we’re dealing with two separate issues; fat and loose skin, however regardless of what you’ve heard, it can be done and without additional surgery.

There are 3 ways to get rid of your C-Section shelf.

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • C-Panty (Incision Shaper)


Yes, diet plays a key role in losing your C-Section shelf.  Because the shelf is made of stretched skin and fat, you will reduce the appearance of the shelf by reducing the fat.

Now by dieting I don’t mean starving yourself.  In fact, don’t ever skip a meal.  Eat sensibly and reduce your fat intake.  Eat recommended portions and get into the habit of giving your body time to feel full. Also don’t start a diet one week and go off it the next. Consistency is key.

Start with a low fat plan that won’t make you feel deprived. Health magazine has some great low fat sample memus that are a great start and the foods are super appetizing.


Exercise is important because it strengthens your weak muscles which also works to tighten the loose skin.

I don’t recommend sit-ups and crunches.  Doing abdominal exercises too soon after surgery are not only dangerous they can also be ineffective if you are not completely healed internally.

Personally I recommend a daily routine of walking while tightening your pelvic muscles as you walk.  I’ve had great success with walking and tightening. Again consistency is what delivers results. Committing to just 20 minutes a day is all you need to achieve positive results.


c-pantyI won’t lie to you, your C-Section shelf isn’t likely to disappear as soon as you’d like so wearing a compression garment like the C-Panty can be a life saver.

C-panty is a comfortable slimming panty that is OB/GYN recommended. The C-Panty provides front pelvic compression which is the very thing that supports and flattens the bulge around your incision.

Using C-Panty your C-Section shelf is smooth and looks natural under any clothing.  And over time it will be diet, exercise and compression that are the formula for eliminating your C-Section shelf.

The C-Panty has a medicinal quality as well. It contains an interior medical grade silicone panel that sits over your incision to speed healing & reduce the appearance of a scar.  No more scar creams, hospital panties, belly wraps or binders.  

If you have a C-Section shelf, don’t give up. Diet, exercise and compression are what worked for me and my C-Section shelf is gone :-)  Try it, I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Here’s to a more beautiful, slimmer you :-)



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  1. jade says:

    hi there
    my son is now 22months old. i am 5 ft and was always quite skinny. i had a 8 pound 13oz baby whom i carried very big with. i had a few problems with my scar after my c section tearing etc so wasnt aloud to start exercising for about 5 months. starting walking as often as possible then small workout routines to target my abdomen changed diet etc and havent had any success i am very self concience about my stomach as its quite a big overhang of lose skin. im only 21 and dont wanna feel this way about myself. Help

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jade, skin is a very elastic organ and you’re still young, so you should be able to reduce that excess skin, however the key to tighter skin is to improve your muscle to fat ratio, that means don’t focus so much on low calorie diets, you’ll lose lean body mass which encourages loose hanging skin, instead increase your body mass with weight training, soon you’ll see the loose skin gradually come back into shape. Also be patient, this should be a gradual thing. I hope that helps :-)

  3. brandie says:

    i have 3 boys they were all c-section babies. my first one i had alot of problems with infection and everything i had to have nurses come to my home to take care and clean my insision. after it was healed i thought that i was cut to high my doctor wasnt the one who had done the procedure she herself was in surgery… she to thought that i was cut to i very uncomfterable all my jeans sit right under the pouch and leave indents on my scare.. i have tried wearing loose clothes but i am only 22 and like to look my best when i am in the mood and it not com. to wear pants that go over the scar because of how hi it is.. she has tried to remove the srcae tissue because there was alot but it still wasnt good enough… i just dont know what to do i hate how i look now i try to exersie and it hurtys but i still push myself it feels like the tissue is tearing…. and under neath the flap my stomache is totally flat i just want to get rid of it and hope im not going to have more surgery to do so?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Brandi, unfortunately the c-section shelf or mother’s apron as it’s also called, is something that is hard to get rid of. I wouldn’t push to hard with the exercise, especially if it hurts. You are still young and as we age that shelf does tend to go away, but I know that’s not much consolation now.

    I’d try to find out exactly why your are having pain when exercising. If you can resolve that, you could focus on your exercise a little better.

  5. Tina says:

    It sounds like I’m stuck then. I had a laparoscopy-assisted vaginal hysterectomy Sept ’08 gone wrong where 1 of my ovaries was missing when they pulled out the uterus and only found 1 on top, so the decision was to make the incision, 6 1/2 inches, 14 staples later to only NEVER find the ovary. Both surgeons called their colleagues AFTER the surgery to find out the MIA ovary would eventually just absorb into the body. ANYWAY, I had a flat stomach going in and I have an ugly shelf to this day. So, based on your comment above, do you recommend just doing tons of weight-training for my core to remove any fat that might be there? I weigh the same I did when I went under the knife. I look deformed and I absolutely HATE it. Any advice would be great.

  6. Melissa says:

    I’ve had 3 c sections, 2 emergency ones and 1 planned.. first two being the emergency ones and my last planned… I have the “shelf” as well with the skin over hang and where my incision is it is almost like there is an indent there between my pelvis and my lower stomach… will that go away if i can get this “shelf” to go away or will that indent be there forever?

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Melissa, the shelf is difficult to get rid of. You can diminish the look with ab exercises and a good diet which is what I’ve done, and mine really isn’t that bad, but that incision indent won’t disappear entirely without plastic surgery.

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