C-Section Must Haves

Must Have Items for C-Section Moms

 C-Section Silicone Scar Sheets – Research has proven that Silicone heals scars faster & Better. But not all Silicone applications work the same. That’s why Silicone scar sheets are the smart choice for C-Section moms and are the best C-Section Scar Treatment.


C-Panty Tummy Cut Incision Care – Our most popular C-Section “must have’ is this every day slimming panty. The Cpanty incision care offers a  signature silicone panel that aids incision healing, reduces swelling and slims your belly, all at the same time.  C-Section moms love it because it shapes and slims instantly.


Abdomend C-Section Abdominal Binder – Those first few days of your C-Section recovery are PAINFUL!  This is one C-Section must have that relieves pain and will give you more energy. Other belly binders tend to have rough materials that hit your scar perfectly making it super uncomfortable. This binder uses soft stretchy material that sit over the healing area without irritating it.  Wrap yourself in comfort with this unique, comfortable belly binder designed especially for C-Section moms.  Check out difference between the Cpanty and the Abdomend Binder.

The BOPPY nursing pillow is the most popular feeding pillow for C-Section moms.  It’s actually America’s #1 Baby Product. This stretchable pillow provides comfortable positioning for both you and baby, which is important after having a C-Section.  There’s no pressure on your incision and it’s super comfortable for baby as she feeds.

cmamahealingsalveC-Mama Healing Salve
  –  Optimize your skin’s natural healing power with this amazing C-Mama Healing Salve containing all the ingredients necessary for proper wound repair. It’s formulated specifically for C-Section or surgical wounds and is also effective for older scars, stretch marks and inflamed rashes and burns.  This clinically tested organic balm contains 100% organic and natural ingredients rich in Vitamin C, essential fatty acids and amino acids.


Pregnancy Belly Cast – Preserve the memories of your pregnancy with this pregnancy Belly Cast.  These kits are just plain FUN!   You can do the casts at home in about 30 minutes. There’s no mixing or messy materials and you end up with a perfect 3D memento of your beautiful pregnant tummy.  Your pregnancy comes once in a lifetime; now you can cherish that memory FOREVER!


Natural Stretch Oil – Stretch marks are ugly and unattractive, so help prevent them with this natural stretch mark oil from Earth Mama Angel Baby.   This luxurious oil helps prevent stretch marks naturally.  And the light, delicate scent won’t aggravate morning sickness.  Moms love it!



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