What Was Your C-Section Experience Like?

Have you had a C-Section or perhaps shared in the C-Section experience with a spouse or loved one?    If so,  please share your story with us.

Was your C-Section a good experience or a bad one?

Share with us what you’d most like other moms to know about having a C-Section.

Give it all to us, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sharing your personal C-Section experience, your likes, dislikes and how you might have done things differently helps other moms and families, so we”d love to hear your story  🙂




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13 thoughts on “What Was Your C-Section Experience Like?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Stephanie, thanks so much for your great story. You’re absolutely right, the c-section recovery is the hardest part. And like you said, even the needle for the Spinal isn’t as bad as we sometimes make it out to be 😉

    I’m so glad you’ve healed well after your 3rd and that you feel good. Great story, thanks so much 🙂

  2. Stephanie Perez says:

    I just had my 3rd C-section on November 14th, 2011. My first was an emergency after 21 hours of labor..I was really young (20 – almost 5 years ago) and really scared and anxious..plus the epidurals had worn off. They ended up giving me general anesthesia in the OR so I don’t know a lot about that particular experience as I was knocked out.

    My 2nd was last year, and having been so scared after my first one..and not really knowing what to expect, I was petrified. I originally requested for general anesthesia, but since I had not fasted and went into labor early, I was given a spinal. My doctor kept me calm and helped to soothe me as they put the needle in my back…which, really wasn’t that big of a deal as I made it out to be in my head. And I’m the biggest needle-phobe I know. I still cringe and wince every time I have to get one in my arm..but the spinal in my back was no big deal at all. Plus it helps that I didn’t get to see it! Within minutes I was numb and going through the process. All I could feel was tugging and I tried to keep my mind off of it..I sang songs in my head and focused on my mother who was in the room with me then. Within 30 minutes my angel was in my arms and I was in recovery.

    Same story with my 3rd (and final) c-section just a few weeks ago. The hardest part isn’t the C-section itself, but recovery. Having to pass gas and have a bowel movement..and even having to pee..while in the hospital is PAINFUL. Keep up with your pain meds if you’re a sissy like me..because that really hurts. Having a good partner to help you walk around is key, too. By the time I left the hospital, I was feeling a lot better and walking around with more ease. I’m a breastfeeding mom, so that can be painful too..but again, stay on your pain meds. I also wear a Belly Bandit, which really supports my back and helps me walk around and move around. It’s been almost 2 weeks since my LO was born, and I’m almost back to normal physically. I feel awesome.

  3. Kirsty says:

    Leo’s birth story

    Its hard to know where to begin with this story…I feel I should start at the end and work backwards really…because thats what I keep doing now!

    Leo’s birth happened by cesearean section at 11.09pm on Monday 26th September… a full 51 minutes before my own birthday! I had a feeling throughout my whole pregnancy that this baby would come on or close to my birthday so it was no surprise to me! The section itself was a great success…everything we had detailed on our ‘just incase’ plan the staff went to great lengths to ensure it happened; for us to discover the sex of our baby, for baby to be returned to me immediately for skin to skin, proud Dad even got to cut the cord down to its right length…something we never would have thought of but so glad our independent midwife Evony suggested at the time.

    For me, I will always be grateful and never forget how it felt to hold my baby first. At first I was scared as I lay on the operating table, that was so small, to hold him. Justin, knowing how much this meant to me insisted I held him and I am so glad he did. With Reuben actual pictures of him were taken before I got to gaze upon his face, feel the weight of him in my arms and take in that new baby smell. This time here I was with this chunky, warm, wet beautiful baby on my chest. I smelled his head, with my hand I squeezed his peachy bum over and over again. He cried and cried and I loved the sound, and when I whispered into his ear that Mummy was here he stopped, and it was magic, he knew me and I knew him completely. Time at this point seemed to stop…everyone else around me disappeared and even though I wanted it for longer and in the context of a home waterbirth those precious moments were everything I had wanted.

    The staff were fantastic, put us all at our ease and made the section a world apart from Reubens. I didn’t feel so detached this time, and I felt that everything that was happening was because I chose it to be this way, which I had because I requested that section this time. It always feels such a weird thing to say that I chose it this time….because of all the ways for this to go this time this was my last wish. I wanted to birth my baby at home in water….sadly nature had taken that away from me and left me with no choice, and what felt like no control.
    Control for me, this time, was so important. So I had to take back the reigns and head in a new direction this time. I would choose a section, I would see an end to all this and before I knew it I would be back home with my babies, my family and living our lives as a family of four….desperately trying to forget the pain of what should have been, but never could of been.

    Rewinding back…labour had started in the early hours of Monday morning. Sunday evening I was groaning about what I thought was SPD pain…now I realise it was me shifting into labour! Sleep was sparse, and I did my best to stay hydrated and ate well…not wishing to repeat past mistakes! I woke Justin at 7 to say I thought things were moving…and they did move! I had my lovely pre labour pooing! and throughout the morning my show came away. I text Evony and Alice to give them a heads up that things were moving and thought I should have a bath. After this contractions came around every 5 mins and got stronger. I went on throughout the morning like this, using hypnobirthing and the birth ball to stay comfortable. I coped with it well and felt calm and in control. Everything felt more efficient this time around, the weight of the baby created enormous pressure in my pelvis and when I stood contractions got much stronger and closer together. Evony had suggested a change of scenary when I began to get despondant that things were moving slowly yet again.
    We took a walk down at Porthleven Harbour, me Justin and Reuben. The change of scenary did help me to refocus…although I felt bloody stupid trying to disguise the fact I was in labour while walking! Every so often stopping against a wall and staring out to sea and breathing! I watched the waves and imagined my contractions doing the same thing, with just the same power and how strong I was to overcome them. When I grew tired we headed back home. Things seemed to up a notch and I had my first big wobble…wow when I didn’t concentrate on breathing and flipped out the pain was much worse. I quickly pulled myself together and got back into it. Justin lit lavender candles in the bedroom, put on my hypnobirthing music and I sat on my birth ball and leaned over some cushions piled high on my bed. This gave me a chance to rest, and after a while I thought I could try the tens machine…this little thing became my saviour for the rest of the labour alongside the breathing. I am not sure if it helped the pain, but focussing on the pulsating feeling, and flicking the buttons was a welcome distraction…especially during the car journey!
    Even Justin thought things were speeding up, so he went down to fill the pool and arranged for Reuben to be picked up by his Mum. He also called Alice and Evony who said it sounded good and to call them back in an hour.
    Everything from here gets muddled in my head…by this point I had had contractions for 12 hours…as a multip. It was here that I knew that things didn’t feel right, and I feared this labour would go the same way as Reubens…going on for days and getting exhausted. I think looking back it was at this point I could feel everything slipping away from me.
    Evony and Alice decided to come out to see how I was doing. I never realised until later but Evony was observing me and timing when contractions were coming. I remember feeling so fed up at this point that things just would budge and progress. I asked Evony for a VE because I just felt if she went home and I didn’t ask for one and carried on labouring all night then I would be angry with myself.
    The VE was the turning point. It was heartbreaking, gutting, a relief, an answer, a closed door and an open one all in one! In some ways it was a surprise, in others it wasn’t….my cervix hadnt dilated one bit. Evony had struggled to find it. I knew she hated telling me this, and this made it all the more harder because we had all gone on this journey together and all of us had invested something into it. We had grown close, and someone was having a bloody joke throwing this at us. Evony left Justin and I together to talk about it, and I just looked at Justin and said ‘Right well the only question that needs answering is when we can go and have a section.’ I know I said this really matter-of-factly but I think it was because I knew on some level…I hope I didn’t incidently influence the course of events by thinking like that but I can’t allow myself to go down that route. I don’t know if I ever had enough faith in myself…so I guess I put on a brave face, and also my Mummy head I suppose. If I got there and had it done now, it would be over, I would have my baby before baby got tired and distressed, I would be back with Reuben before he knew it.
    Justin just looked at me and tried to hold back tears, I told him not to do it because I would cry otherwise. He then took my hand and said ‘I am just so gutted for you.’ At this point I just sobbed and sobbed as I realised I was gutted for me too, I was also bloody angry. Why had MY body done this to me again? I had invested so much in this…hours of hypnobirthing, perineal massage, time, money, hope, tears…everything. I had involved others in my journey….Evony and Alice and felt such a responsibility to them to give them a beautiful birth too. And Justin… all I wanted to do was deliver our baby to him, by my own steam, I wanted him to be proud of me and awe of my power as a woman. I couldn’t do any of that and it all hit me in that moment. But just as quickly as I had sobbed I pulled it back in and just began to think of all the logistics that lay ahead for the next step.
    I won’t forget how I felt as I told Alice and Evony that I had decided to go for a section and could they arrange it for me as quickly as possible. I felt like I was bailing but knew I couldn’t go on for days like I did with Reuben. This wasn’t a rash decision either because throughout the whole pregnancy Justin and I had agreed that if looked like the labour would last for days then we would say enough is enough this time and go to a section.
    Alice and Evony suggested that I get into the pool and relax and try and give myself a little more time, even if I still felt the same way, the section may not be until the morning and at least I could relax. By this point staying at home, getting in the pool made me feel sick. I couldn’t, by this point in my mind I was sat in Treliske signing the consent form. I needed an end now…I was desperate, scared, tired, in pain and was beginning not to to cope. I wanted to be in the ward recovering now so I could be home with my babies.
    After lots of phone calls, and gathering up some bits for the hospital ( we never packed a bag as I wouldn’t allow myself to think about it!) we set off for Treliske around 7.30pm having arranged to talk to the doctor there and be assessed. The car journey was horrible! I remember feeling so totally shellshocked at this point that I actually felt drunk…I remember confessing all to Evony..about how I knew secretely I would never be capable of that homebirth, and that everytime I watched an ‘inspiring’ birth video or heard a story that I would think ‘Thats great for them, but I am not like that, it won’t be like that for me.’ I can’t believe I was quite so honest but Evony was brilliant with it all and I think appreciated me for keeping it real. Not everyone has a brilliant, magical birth experience and that is reality.
    Once I got to the hospital and spoke to the staff I began to panic that they would make me go on for days. By this point contractions were every 3 mins lasting for a minute or so. I struggled to be comfortable, struggled to keep calm. A midwife told us I would need a VE to assess if I was in labour and also to be hooked to a monitor to listen to baby. I insisted I didn’t want to be poked and prodded I just needed the section. Obviously they couldnt just do that, but at that point all rational thought had gone. I had to wait to be seen by the doctor and in the meantime someone would perform a VE. As I waited I became more despondant, Justin and Evony were amazing in keeping me calm. Evony massaged me when I became really tense….. I would not have wanted to have been my birth support!
    The VE confirmed Evony’s findings…. my cervix couldn’t be reached. I asked the midwife to stop, not seeing the point in trying to find what wasn’t there. I now waited for the doctor. When he arrived he said ‘ It doesn’t seem like your in labour so we would usually do nothing’. I think at this point I became hysterical and actually begged… I knew I was in labour, we were a few hours away from me being 24 hours of labour. I explained what happened with Reuben and how I couldn’t do that again. At this point during a contraction he palpated my stomach…the only other person to have done that was Evony who also said it was labour, they were strong contractions. When he palpated he raised his eyebrows and said ‘right, lets go and get this sorted.’ I think even he was shocked once he had felt a contraction. I wanted to kiss him at this point, and instantly relaxed. I can’t say I wasn’t scared…no one relishes an operation but for me the alternative was far scarier. I can remember the lady who fitted the cannula telling me how well I was coping with labour…and at this point I felt awful. I signed the consent form and practically ran down to the theatre. I feel awful for feeling and thinking this way but I couldn’t stand another birth like Reubens…it wasn’t just about getting throught the birth for me it was also recovery. I took so long to recover from Reubens birth, it took me over a year and I suffered from PND. I couldn’t put myself or my children through that again.
    I don’t regret my decision…I do believe that it would have been days and days, and I am 99% sure that it would never have happened vaginally for me. In some ways it has gone towards healing some of the pain of Reuben’s birth…or at least stopped me questioning whether I could have done it. I now know that my body doesn’t do birth, I will never know why, but thats the way it is. I know I sound blaze, but it hurts like hell. To think I will never experience how it feels to bring my babies into the world because my body won’t do what its supposedly designed to do. I suppose the feeling of this could be likened to a man having his bits chopped off…it takes away all feeling of womanhood and I don’t think I will ever get over this pain. I think I wanted a larger family too, I think had this gone well I would have had more children but now I never want to put myself through it again. I love both my children dearly and they were worth everything I went through but now I have my two sons and have gone through the most incredible journey this time, I feel its time to complete that part of my life. I have cuddled Leo and cried at the thought of this, but also smiled and kissed him for completing our family and arriving here safely and being so gorgeous!
    I still have so much to process and work through…part of me wants to do this, part of me wants to completely bury it way back in my mind and never revisit it. I feel on the edge between being ok and grateful for what I have and also being angry, in grieving and sad for what could have been…and I would rather stay on the ok side, so will take my time and enjoy my children. One thing I refuse to do is beat myself up for years on end, I know from Reubens birth it will get me nowhere and rob me of enjoying my family to its fullest. So as the feelings come I will deal with them one by one and day by day.
    Its not so much being upset over the birth experience I had, because it was positive in so many ways. It was more about grieving for the birth I had planned…it was beautiful and magical and perfect…but maybe it wasn’t me.
    I have to thank Alice and Evony for everything! This really has been a journey of women standing together, growing together and learning together. It feels like the end of an era which is upsetting! Alice’s preparation antenatally was invaluable…hypnobirthing kept me calm and in control all the way through and I was proud of the way I handled the labour with that. Always on the end of the phone or quick to answer an email too, whenever I wobbled you were there so thank you! And Evony…I could never thank enough for the difference she made to our experience this time. I don’t think it would have been so positive if it wasn’t for her support and amazing advocating at the hospital. So warm, kind and caring at every stage….I can remember as they were completing the operation grabbing your arm, squeezing the crap out of it and thanking you over and over again. We were so happy you were there…both of you, to share our journey at its different stages. Yes, we could have done it on our own, but we would never choose to! It wouldn’t have been the same without you and we have made friends for life which is something I truly treasure. You helped me to become empowered without ever taking over, and never ever judged us in any decision we made along the way, but fully supported us. I hope your are both proud of yourself for how you supported your clients, and please never ever think ‘Did we do enough?’ I think all of us did what we could. From going to a birth with little support, to going to a birth with the best support I would recommend people hire an IM/Doula every time. Even now, after the birth, you are both always there to listen to my rubbish on a daily basis…so in many ways I have been luckier then most!
    * I should also add that my placenta was encapsulated by our lovely doula, and the benefits of this I could rave about! Increased my milk supply…needed for a big 9lb 7oz bubba! Reduced my bleeding to practically nothing and has definately kept my head above water in terms of baby blues! Breastfeeding is also going brilliantly, so at least its one thing I can do well! 😉 x
    Thank you for listening to our story xx

  4. nicole says:

    Hello all I’m 20 yrd old and have just had a emergency c-section 8 weeks ago due to my baby girl being back to back and her head being swollen I cryed so much when they said the word c-section but now I think its kind of better I’ve lost a stone and a half already as I just got up and walked about although I was in hospital for the first week after as mye and my daughter had blood poisning as my waters broke and didn’t go in labour and wasn’t induced till 2 days after I surred extreme pain after as I had gas that was caught but looking back now it was all worth it and I feel amazing as if I never went through what I did

  5. mani says:

    i had my c section in April ..i got a baby boy,, it was a very pleasant experience.. nothing to fear of.. the epidural was also painless.. its much better than going for a normal delivery,, but i had a slight stabbing pain for about 2weeks,, its better to use a belly binder or a girdle. you have to be very carefull after a the surgery, at least for for 6 weeks.. my advise is get up from bed after the surgery,, though it was painful it helped me to recover soon… now am 6moths postpartum. i don’t have a pain around the incision. i can do my day to day work now. even my tummy had gone down:)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jawana,
    Wow, gall stones are very painful 🙁 Perhaps maybe the one good thing about having your c-section was that they found and took care of getting rid of the stones.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Blessings 🙂

  7. Jawana says:

    I’m a mother of four, three vaginal and one c section which was 2weeks ago.
    My baby was breached so a c section w as needed. Once I heard c-section, I cried and cried and cried. I was assured everything would be ok. I already had my epidural so I was wheeled I. To the OR and the procedure was started. Due to the meds I was going in and out. I remember hearing the baby cry and seeing the top of her head. During my healing I returned to the ER due to pain and found out that I had gall stones. If I could choose vaginal or c-section hands down it would be vaginal.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Martha, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. You have gone through a lot. I’m so sorry to hear about your adhesions and the difficulty they presented, however I do encourage you to get another opinion about having a 3rd baby. Adhesions are a problem but if you can find a physician willing to work with you and the options you have, there’s always hope 🙂

    Thanks again for your great feedback. Blessings!

  9. Jayde says:

    Hi Im 17 and I had a c section 7 weeks ago and I am still recovering but if I have another baby I will be sure to have a c section again I found it easy and pleasant

  10. Martha says:

    I had my second c-section just 2 weeks ago and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy….! My first c-section was an emergency in 2009 , I was over due and x-rays showed my sons head was hitting my pubic bone so they took him immediately , luckily he was ok, very over due but 100% healthy . I was angry about having a c-section because i always wanted a natural birth , but my body had other plans , the recovery was awful and I felt robbed of the first hours of his life because they put me totally under so I could not hear his first cry or hold him right away , 2 weeks ago my experience was much different , this time I knew what to expect in regards to pain and healing , I received my spinal block and was wheeled into the operating room , my husband joined me and they began , all that I could feel was like someone was pushing me around and pulling things around , I was scared and anxious but as soon as I heard my sons first cry my eyes filled with tears and my heart sung with joy, he was here , in my arms 100% healthy and perfect ! Now comes the time to stitch me together , the doctor informed me that I had so much scarring and my bladder was adhered to my uterus and it was a lot of work to get the baby out , my heart sank as I have hopes of having 4 children and fear that one more might be my limit , she warned me to carefully consider having a 3 rd because of the scarring which is devastating , but I will find a specialist next time and get another opinion . Recovery has once again been a challenge and very painful and am still in much pain after 2 weeks , but in the end it is worth it ! My biggest fear was the spinal block and it was a piece of cake, did not feel a thing , my overall experience with this section was much better than the first , I still wish for natural birth but that is not an option for me after the doctors discovered that my hips rotate inward , thankfully c-sections are an option in our times !! Either way the end result is worth every ounce of pain and discomfort , the miracle of life in my arms eases all that away !!

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