C-Section Birth and Recovery Guide

c-section birth and recovery guideNEW C-Section Birth & Recovery Guide!

A Must Have For C-Section Moms …


  • How To Effectively Prepare & Plan For a C-Section
  • How to Recover Quickly
  • How to Best Control Your Pain with drugs, …and without Drugs
  • Learn what the C-Section Risks are and How to avoid them.
  • Critical information on Abdominal Adhesions, their complications, how to remedy them and how to avoid them.
  • What is a VBAC and is it right for you.
  • Breastfeeding Tips
  • How to get back in shape after a C-Section

…and SO much more.

One stop shopping for all your C-Section questions, worries, doubts, suspicions and concerns.

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5 thoughts on “C-Section Birth and Recovery Guide

  1. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Laura,

    I don’t currently have the book in hardcopy print. However I can send you a copy in PDF format. In other words I can send you the guide to read online. If that will work for you please let me know and we’ll work out the details.


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