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lizHi, my name is Elizabeth and it brings me great pleasure to have created this C-Section birth and recovery blog and e-book titled “Worry Free C-Section“.

Childbirth is a miracle and a great privilege, but as I, and many women have experienced, it can also be a scary, confusing and painful time; particularly if you have a C-Section that is unexpected.  There are a range of emotions and thoughts that can take a momentous, wonderful life experience and fill it with fear and anxiety.

That’s exactly what happened to me 🙁

But through my own experiences and extensive research I’ve discovered that with simple awareness, planning and personal support you can have a C-Section that does not have to be horrible or even scary.

This is your most precious baby’s birth, it’s important to make it the best it can be.

That’s what this blog is all about. I’m sharing my personal experiences and research to help other women have a C-Section and recovery that is memorable, not miserable.

I am NOT someone who encourages having a C-Section without a medical need, but I do understand that C-Section births are medically necessary in some instances.  I also realize that having a C-Section is something most women would like to avoid and I’ve got plenty of information to help you with that as well.

Whether your C-Section is planned or unexpected, my goal is to help you enjoy your baby’s birth, recover quickly and return to your daily life feeling and looking better than you could imagine. Yes, the baby and the mother is the most important here, that’s why there’s this technique with psychic powers. This is a real scenario, there are actually different kinds of psychic gifts, which means that are are also different types of readings to choose from.

All the things I wish I knew when I had my C-Sections 😉

I hope you find the content and musings here at the worry free C-Section helpful and I would love your thoughts and ideas.  Your replies and feedback are extremely important to me as they are to other women seeking help and personal advice when having a C-Section, so please feel free to comment on any posting here.

My Sincerest Wishes for a healthy and happy birth experience.

Elizabeth 🙂

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Every effort has been made on this website to offer complete and accurate information up to the date of publication. However, there may be mistakes, both typographical and in content, therefore this text should be used only as a general guide and not as an ultimate source of information with regard to c-section birth and recovery.

Everyone’s experience will be different when having a C-Section and your own doctor will be the one to direct and guide your care. You are responsible for contacting your own doctor or trusted health care specialist with any or all questions and concerns you may have.

The purpose of my e-Book (and all related materials) is to share my experiences, research and knowledge as a way of helping others. I am not a source to replace medical advice.

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