C-Section Adhesions Treatment – It’s Troublesome

c-section adhesions treatment One rather troublesome side effect of having a C-Section or surgical birth are C-Section adhesions.  Treatment of adhesions is also troublesome because they can only be surgically removed, and more surgery leads to more adhesions.

All women who have a C-Section will have adhesions, but not all women suffer complications from adhesions, however some do.  Here’s a post I wrote on C-Sections adhesions and you’ll see what I mean:


If you have surgical adhesions or suspect you have them, here are a few options for treatment.


How Doctors Treat Adhesions

Adhesions can be difficult to diagnose because they don’t show up on x-rays or on an ultra sound.   If there are no obvious physical problems causing pain or obstruction, most doctors will look to adhesions as being the culprit.

If a doctor does suspect adhesions, they will typically prescribe drugs with the hope of decreasing any inflammation caused by the adhesions which can help reduce the pain.  This can help, but drugs can’t eliminate the problem.

If the problem persists, many doctors will recommend the surgical method called adhesiolysis.  This is a laparoscopic method of freeing the nerves from the scar tissue and injecting medication close to the nerve root so that it will be delivered appropriately to reduce the inflammation.

One thing to be aware of in this situation is that even if the surgeon removes the adhesions that are seen, this is yet another surgery and more adhesions are likely form.

Professional Massage Therapy for C-Section Adhesions Treatment

Today, massage therapy is heavily discussed as an effective, natural method for reducing c-section adhesions.

Massage therapy is also know as myofascial release/massage, visceral manipulation or active release technique/ART and it is administered by a licensed, professional massage therapist. The Wurn Technique at Clear Passage is one such massage center.

If you search the web using any of those terms you will find a number of forums, sites and licensed physical therapists that will provide plenty of information on the topic.

But are these things effective?

I have spoken to a few women that have found this massage therapy helpful.  This is often the preferred method for women to at least start with.  It’s not a guarantee but it has helped many women.

Tip: As a proactive method, you can help prevent C-Section adhesions with Abdominal self massage therapy.  This isn’t as affective if it has been years since your c-section surgery, however if you have a surgery coming up or if you’ve had surgery within the past few months, self massage therapy may help prevent adhesions from becoming a larger problem in the future.

What’s the right answer for you?

It’s a process figuring out what the right treatment can be for you or if adhesions are even the source of your pain. Unfortunately there’s no one answer fits all.

However there is a fair amount of good information on the web, one of them being Karen Steward.

Her Adhesions Pain website is full of great information like:

  • How to know if you have adhesions
  • Understanding adhesions
  • Working with doctors

Karen also shares her own personal story in her 5 star rated book called:

Doctors: Bound by Secrecy? Victims: Bound by Pain!

It”s the true story of a mother and daughter’s 14-year journey for a cure to an agonizing and often misdiagnosed, debilitating disease known as adhesions.

Her book goes behind the scenes with regard to C-Section adhesions, treatment and their diagnosis and reveals an abundant knowledge about adhesion related disorders.

One of the best ways to prevent C-Section adhesions is not to have surgery in the first place.  Of course for women who need a C-Section for medical reasons, that’s not possible.

However if you’re thinking about having a C-Section for non medical reasons, surgical adhesions may be a good reason to go with a vaginal birth if possible.

While some websites insist the right therapist can free abdominal & pelvic adhesions, the majority of studies and surgeons report that adhesiolysis–surgical removal of adhesions–is the only method by which the pain and symptoms caused by problematic adhesions of the upper and lower abdominal can be alleviated.
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One thought on “C-Section Adhesions Treatment – It’s Troublesome

  1. davi says:

    hi i had a c section two years ago and ever since my life is not the same ,i go to my doctor almost ever month ,finally she is referring me to a specialist after doing a number of ultrasound ,she thinks i might have scar tissue because i am getting pain in my bladder ,lower back ,cramping when i have to goo, now the pain is getting worse its constant pain that never goes away .its very sad that these information is not given to you before a c section and many women is left in stress running to their doctors every time wondering what this pain is .

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