All In One CPanty Incision Care & Slimming Panty

CPanty Incision Care & Slimming Panty

If you’re looking for a panty that offers comfort, protection, is slimming and gives you some dignity  CPanty does all those things.

One of the biggest complaints women have after having a C-Section is finding flattering underwear that’s comfortable, not embarrassing and won’t hurt or irritate their incision.

Two popular suggestions I see all the time are to wear men’s briefs or granny panties.

I don’t like either of those solutions 🙁

The Cpanty is a much better idea. It provides comfort, incision care and slimmingall in one.

No more granny panties, men’s briefs or bulky abdominal binders.

And because CPanty has built in scar protection for quick healing and better scar appearance, there are no more scar creams, gels, or ointments to apply.

Cpanty has it all, simply pull it on and go.

What is CPanty?

cpanty incision careThe CPanty C-Section recovery underwear is a patented, OB/GYN recommended panty containing medical grade silicone that speeds healing to your incision.

The panty has a front panel that comfortably sits over your incision that combines medical grade silicone with just the right compression to control swelling, support your incision, heal and protect while it minimizes the appearance of your scar.

The rest of the panty acts as an abdominal binder for overall abdominal support that helps relieve your pain while also giving you a slimmer, trimmer look.

Wearing the C-panty continuously minimizes incision scarring, scar sensitivity, itchiness, swelling and discomfort while also helping shrink your uterus.

How Does CPanty Incision Care work?

Each C-Panty contains a silicone panel that includes compression support directly over the incision area. Compression is significant because it supports the weakened tissues and controls swelling after surgery.

Here’s the before and after for the C-Panty on one post-op patient day two.

There’s 1 centimeter less swelling!

Silicone is the #1 C-Section scar remedy for improving the look and healing speed of surgical incisions. Research has shown that combining Silicone with direct compression significantly reduces the appearance of your scar, and does it much quicker than without using it.

“I used the classic style c-panty for my 2nd c-section with my twins. Since I knew the issues I had with my first c delivery, I scoured the market looking for something that would help support me. This product was everything I could ask for! It covered my incision right where my pants would rub and was great for at home use. I liked this panty so much that I purchased the higher waist one later. It was so nice to have the compression that pulled my tummy in, making feel better in my “going out of the house finally” clothes.”

The overall compression of the C-Panty provides abdominal support which minimizes your pain as you move throughout your day.  By keeping your abdominal muscles and the incision area stable, you’ll have less pain and discomfort helping you get through the day and giving you more time to enjoy your baby.

You may also be happy to know that the C-Panty incision care also provides incision area shaping that works to minimize the appearance of a C-Section shelf.

“C-Panty really works. They’re comfortable, and really help reduce that classic “c-section shelf” as well as help that incision fade” – PW

How soon can you start wearing C-Panty?

You can begin wearing your Cpanty as soon as your surgical dressing comes off, usually at about 2 days of your surgery or when you get clearance from your doctor. Your incision must be healed with no scab remaining before exposing it to the silicone panel of the C-Panty.  This would typically be about a week after surgery.

If you want to begin wearing your C-Panty before your incision is healed you can cover the silicone panel with a panty liner. However, as with any post surgical product. be sure to get your doctor’s OK first.

How Long Can I wear the C-Panty?

Cpanty works best when worn 12-23 hours a day and the scar healing benefits of the C-Panty continues for up to 12 months. Continued wear for one year is recommended to help restore the skin to a more natural texture and color.  Hypertrophic or Keloid scars may benefit from longer use.

Many women also simply enjoy the slimming look the C-Panty gives them and continue wearing the C-Panty years after their C-Section.

Why wearing a C-Panty is better than not wearing it.

If wearing ugly men’s briefs or silly embarrassing granny panties just doesn’t appeal to you then you’ll love CPanty.

The silicone panel is ideal for protecting and healing your incision but you’ll  also experience less pain, less swelling and have a slimmer look.  There’s really nothing else out there that does all that so comfortably.

Here’s to a quick and flattering recovery 🙂


P.S.  C-Panty is available in 3 styles to meet C-Section recovery needs. It also includes compression for vaginal birth recoveries.

Cpanty is also available on Amazon!

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12 thoughts on “All In One CPanty Incision Care & Slimming Panty

  1. Pauline Elms says:

    I had a c section 39 years ago. I have a fold in my stomach that is very difficult to take care of. I bath every day and sometimes twice and I am still finding it gets very irritated to the point it hurts. I can’t get an appointment with a dermatologist for 8 months. My gonacologist gave me cream that actually burned the scar. Do you have any suggestion as to what I can do to fix this. Right now I bath all the time and dry it with my hair dryer. II am scared it will get sore. …what do you suggest I do to resolve this situation.

  2. helga says:

    I had my C section 4 weeks ago and I just purchased the city panty. Do I still need to wear regular panties before the panty or attach my pads to the c panty,seeing as I’m still bleeding vaginally (sorry for the TMI).

  3. Elizabeth McGee says:

    Hi Michelle,

    The mother’s apron is a tough one. Also some people have a worse apron than others. I had a small one but it’s wasn’t difficult for me to get rid of. Many women have a much harder time than I did.

    Diet and exercise definitely help but I honestly don’t think the Cpanty will help outside of just giving you a trimmer look while wearing it. If your scar is good I wouldn’t use the CPanty, instead I’d recommend the Shrinkx Belly made by the makers of Cpanty. Here’s the link so you can take a look.

    If you choose to buy it I also have a coupon code to save 10%, the code is ‘af10’:

    The goal is to tighten your ab muscles and give your skin a chance to gain its elasticity back again; that’s where the Shrinkx can help but it will only ‘help’, diet and exercise are the real key. Wearing a tight panty helps if you can also tighten your muscles. It works together.

    Does that make sense?

    I hope that helps you. Stick with it though and you’ll see results if you do. 🙂

  4. Michelleg says:

    It’s very light and thin right above bikini line…. the problem is I have that horrid “mother’s apron” flap. I’m working on diet and exercise. So not sure if the cpanty would help at all

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