Cpanty Vs. Abdomend – Abdominal Support After C-Section

motherholdingbabyTwo big things that concern C-Section moms postpartum are pain relief and getting her tummy back in shape.

Short of medication for pain and exercise for shaping up, the best remedy for both these things is to use an abdominal binder.

Abdominal binders or tummy wraps offer abdominal support after having a C-Section by compressing the abdominal tissues to reduce pain, shrink swelling and help you get your shape back sooner.

So which abdominal binders work the best? There are lots of them on the market.

Frankly, anything that can hold your abdominal muscles firmly in place will work. But finding the right abdominal binder for you really comes down to overall comfort, effectiveness and price.

Abdominal binders are available as wraps and pull-ons, each providing a variety of  products to choose from.

From my experiences dealing with C-Section moms there are two products that I think target the concerns of C-Section moms the best…

The Abdomend Abdominal Binder

I’ve been recommending the Abdomend Abdominal Binder for years.

It’s one of the few belly binders designed specifically for C-Section moms and can be worn immediately after having your C-Section.

It’s better than most abdominal binders because it doesn’t just relieve your pain, it’s also comfortable. Interestingly enough not all binders offer complete comfort.

For example, some abdominal binders you get from hospitals are made with stiff materials that have pressure points making it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The Abdomend abdominal binder is made of soft, comfortable yet sturdy material that holds your abdominal muscles in place for maximum pain relief all day and night.

What makes the AbdoMend™ Support Belt & Strap one of the best on the market?

  • It’s made of Soft, comfy Cotton for longer wear time. 
  • Easily adjustable so it targets your specific area of pain
  • Available in 5 different sizes and widths ranging from 6″ to 12″ wide
  • The support strap attaches hip to hip. This supports your back & tummy

But that’s not all.  Christina Hemming the product developer doesn’t simply offer abdominal binders she also offers support for incision and  scar care and self massage techniques for minimizing damaging adhesions  and scar tissue.


Cpanty is a 3-in-1 pull-on panty that you can start wearing about 1-2 weeks after your surgery.

3-in1 means it’s a pain relief binding panty that slims and provides medical grade scar care.

“I purchased C-Panty a few days after my c-section and was instantly more comfortable.  C-Panty should be a must for every new mom recovering from a c-section.  It fit right for the first couple of days, but since the major swelling has gone down, it is a little big. I still wear it all day four weeks later though and I know I would be in much more pain without it. C-Panty is worth every penny, and then some.”

It’s designed to reduce swelling, shrink your uterus, relieves pain and looks good under your clothing.

What’s unique about the CPanty is that is has a built in medical-grade Silicone panel to protect and heal your incision.

I love this idea because you have all you need in one panty. No more messy scar gels either.

Just pull it on and go. Easy, peasy, yet effective.

How Soon After Surgery Can You Start wearing the CPanty?

Because of the silicone panel built into the C-panty it’s recommended that you wait until your c-section incision is healed (no scab remaining). This is generally about a week or so after your surgery. If your scar is not yet scabbed over you can cover the silicone panel with a pad or panty liner and begin wearing the panty sooner.

Because the Cpanty is made of a stretchy binding material and is a pull-on panty it may be more difficult to get on if you’re still really sore in your midsection.  However once you are able to tolerate putting the Cpanty on, it will provide slimming tummy support without putting pressure on your sensitive incision area.

A few final words…

Recovering from abdominal surgery can be painful, plus having to take care of a newborn as well can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be horrible.

Finding the right abdominal support after C-Section surgery will reduce your pain, increase your energy and help you feel better.  Isn’t that worth it?

Try an abdominal binder, if you don’t find that it helps ease your recovery I’d be very surprised.

Elizabeth 🙂

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