Best C-Section Abdominal Binder? You Bet!

c-section abdominal binderThe Most Recommended C-Section Abdominal Binder For Pain Relief

Abdomend is the one and only C-Section abdominal binder to receive the Mom’s Choice Award. 

That’s primarily because this abdominal binder has a design that is specifically for C-Section moms to relieve pain and you can wear it immediately after delivery. It’s actually the #1 Choice of C-Section moms.

But what truly makes this belly binder so popular?  It’s made of super soft 100% cotton material that’s soft and moves with you yet it binds firmly — unlike other abdominal binders that are stiff, rigid and dig into your skin. 

The Abdomend binder gives your midsection the support you need to comfortably get out of bed, sit, stand, feed your baby, laugh and cough without pain ~ things that are so important for a recovering mom.

“LOVE this belly binder! I’m pain free, mobile and less
dependent on others. It’s helped me recover in comfort
so I can enjoy my baby more – Thank You So Much!“

Why Is the Abdomend C-Section Abdominal Binder The BEST?

There are many reasons, but the most significant is that Abdomend material won’t rub or pinch, like traditional abdominal binders.  Abdomend uses a super soft lightweight cotton material that won’t pinch, dig or rub yet it provides strong support where you need it most.

As a result you can wear it longer without any pain or discomfort, which is exactly what a C-Section mom needs. The super soft breathable cotton material is also cooler meaning you can wear it all day, and all night.

The Benefits of wearing This One Of A Kind C-Section Abdominal Binder

  • Do more for longer periods of time with less pain and soreness.
  • Helps shrink your abdomen and tightens your tummy.
  • Supports and protects your incision which also aids in the reduction of infection.
  • Supports bladder and uterus.
  •  Encourages abdominal muscle memory, so important for complete healing.
  • Relieves back pain and soreness by supporting your back.
  • Promotes a smaller, smoother scar when using the dry skin brushing techniques that come with the kit.


As a new mom you don’t have time to let pain and discomfort slow you down. Give yourself the best, drug free pain relief that provides comfortable support while on the go all day; every day.

What You Get With The Abdomend C-Section Abdominal Binder & Recovery Kit

You can purchase the Abdomend C-Section Binder separately or as part of the C-Section recovery kit which includes:

  • Abdominal Bikini belt 
  • Detachable straps providing maximum custom support for both your front and back 
  • Skin brush 
  • Hemming Scar Therapy program
  • Self Massage DVD for the reduction of abdominal adhesions
  • The Abdomend C-Section Abdominal binders come in 5 different sizes.

“You Too can be Pain Free, Have More Energy, Get More Done, Recover Faster & Enjoy Your Baby when wearing the Abdomend C-Section Abdominal Binder”


Don’t let pain and discomfort be part of your recovery.   Relieve Your Pain today with the

Abdomend C-Section Recovery Kit 

Also Available on Amazon!

Many Blessings and here’s to a speedy recovery 🙂

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