10 Easy C-Section Tips When having a Cesarean

c-section tipsHaving a C-Section can be scary, but there are things you can do to make the procedure less daunting.

Implementing these useful but easy C-Section tips will help you easily get through having a C-Section, heal faster and yes, enjoy the experience!

When having a baby you want to cherish those moments,  not agonize over them.

1. Prepare your home and your family before going in for your C-Section. For example, have meals pre-made. Have childcare planned if you have older children.

2. Talk to your doctor before surgery about your incision, specifically what type of incision he/she will make.  This is important to know especially if you hope to have a VBAC with your next baby. A double layered incision is preferred for a VBAC.

3. Start your pain medication early and don’t be too quick to stop taking it, especially within the first 3 or 4 days. You don’t want to risk the chance of getting behind the pain curve; if you do it takes that much longer to get pain relief and you’re likely to take more pain medication than what is prescribed and that can be dangerous.

4. Keep hydrated! Even though you’re hooked up to an IV, keep drinking. Water serves so many benefits, in particular it aids with muscle pain, constipation and increases your energy level. It also helps with producing milk for breastfeeding baby.

5. Get out of bed and walk as soon as your doctor says you can. Most doctors suggest walking withing 24 hours after your surgery.  Walk a little bit every day. Don’t over do it but don’t avoid it either. The more you walk the better you will feel. Honest!

6. Stay focused on only your baby for the first few weeks. Don’t worry about anything else. That’s why #1 is so critical.

7. Wear a sanitary pad across your incision to keep your clothes from rubbing against it. It will also keep it dry and clean helping you resist infection.

8. Buy and use an abdominal binder for your incision.  This is one of the best C-Section tips I have because an tummy binder  will relieve your pain, help you get around easier and help you heal. Those are huge when it comes  to having a C-Section or belly surgery.

9.  Ask for help and take it! This isn’t an easy one for many new moms but rest and recovery is so important at this time.  Having a C-Section is major abdominal surgery therefore without  proper rest and care you risk a longer recovery, infection, even depression.

10. Having a C-Section does NOT mean you’re a failure.  You are not less of a mother because you had a C-Section. You safely brought your baby into the world and you sacrificed your body to do that which is a great sacrifice for a mom.

There’s no shortage of C-Section tips and advice available when having a Cesarean, however these are the tips that helped me the most.  Getting better quickly and enjoying your baby while you can is the most important thing, and these tips will help 🙂


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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