How To Have An Ecstatic Birth – Even With A C-Section

ecstatic birthThis is a story that I found truly inspiring and I feel privileged to share it with you.

This is a story written by Sheila Kamara Hay demonstrating that even with having a C-Section you can still experience an ecstatic birth.

And for those moms in particular who were disappointed with having had a C-Section, this may help you reclaim your birth experience as ecstatic.

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How To Reduce Cesarean Fears From Brian the Birth Guy

Brian the birth guy on Cesarean fearsEver hear of Brian the Birth Guy?

Well here’s your chance to get to know Brian.  He’s one of  the web’s foremost birth consultants and educators.

Got a birthing question?  Brian has an answer.

From creative birthing and labor techniques to classes for new dads, breastfeeding, and Doula services, Brian strives to touch all new life with his unique style and openness all his own.

Today I’m proud to have Brian as a featured Guest speaking on the topic of Cesarean fears and ways to overcome them.

I know you’ll enjoy his insight and his caring manner.

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Vitagel Shortens C-Section Incision Recovery

Miracle C-Section incision recovery device?

Not necessarily, but the Vitagel™ Surgical Hemostat has been known to shorten C-Section incision recovery and that’s pretty close to a miracle for some C-Section moms :-)

So what is Vitagel™ and how does it work To Shorten C-Section Incision Recovery?

Vitagel™ is an FDA approved surgical instrument that uses compression to prevent the flow of blood from an open blood vessel. Also known as a Hemostat it’s designed to control bleeding and facilitate quicker healing of the incision using the patients own blood.

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What To Take To The Hospital When Having A C-Section

What To Take To The Hospital When Having A C-SectionWhat to take to the hospital when having a C-Section isn’t that much different than packing for a vaginal birth.

There are however a few things you’ll want to add to the list because you’ll not only be in the hospital a few days longer but a little extra comfort and convenience goes a long way when having a C-Section.

Here are my suggestions…

Start thinking about packing your hospital bag around 34 weeks and plan to have your bag ready to go about a week before going to the hospital.

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All In One C-Panty Incision Care & Slimming Panty

cpantyC-Panty C-Section Recovery Underwear Reduces Scarring

No more creams, gels, ointments or separate abdominal binders while recovering from your C-Section.

Just one panty to reduce scarring, swelling and help you get your body back quickly.

Just pull it on and go!

This remarkable all-in-one panty provides speedy incision healing while giving you abdominal support and a flattering slimmer look.

The things I wish I had after my C-Sections :-)

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