10 Easy C-Section Tips When having a Cesarean

c-section tipsHaving a C-Section can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Implementing these useful but easy C-Section tips will not only help you get through having a C-Section; they can help you heal faster and enjoy the experience so much more.

Having your baby is what it’s really all about so use these tips to help you cherish those moments, not agonize over them. Continue reading

Finding The Motivation to Exercise After Having A C-Section

motivation for exercise

Photo by Stuart Miles.

As a new mom, it’s hard finding the motivation to exercise after having a C-Section.  I remember being there myself.

But what’s even harder for C-Section moms is that you can’t do any real exercise until several weeks after having C-Section surgery. Sometimes it can be months.  Then when the time comes when you can exercise, you often lose the motivation.  That was exactly my experience.   😥  So I know how depressing it can be.  Continue reading

C-Section Preparation From A Labor & Delivery Nurse

c-section preparationIf you’ve ever wondered what C-Section preparation takes place just prior to surgery, you’ll find today’s post especially helpful and informative.

I have with us Cassie Phillips, a labor and deliver nurse who has so kindly offered to contribute a guest post sharing with us what happens during the C-Section preparation phase. Cassie will also be discussing  why C-Sections most often occur, the differences between planned, unplanned and emergency C-Sections and a few details about having a C-Section that you may not already know.

Take it away Cassie…

It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or tenth; first c-section or seventh, every delivery is different.  As a labor and delivery nurse I’ll share with you my experiences with regard to C-Section preparation and I encourage your questions below.  Continue reading

6 Important Things I’ve Discovered About Having a C-Section

having a C-SectionSince I began my C-Section research ten years ago I’ve discovered a few importing things about having a C-Section.

I’ve not only made new discoveries with regard to the C-Section procedure and how it’s changed, I’ve also seen how first time moms and moms in general perceive C-Sections and their attitudes toward other moms who have C-Sections.

Here I’ll share some of my thoughts and I invite you to add your ideas, comments or experiences as well 🙂 Continue reading