Finding The Motivation to Exercise After Having A C-Section

motivation to exercise

Photo by Stuart Miles.

As a new mom, it’s hard finding Motivational Quotes to keep in mind after having a C-Section.  I remember being there myself.

What’s even harder for C-Section moms is that you can’t do any real exercise until several weeks after having C-Section surgery. Sometimes it can be months.  Finally when you are able to exercise you often lose the motivation.  That was exactly my experience.   So I know how depressing it can be.  Continue reading

C-Section Preparation From A Labor & Delivery Nurse

c-section preparationIf you’ve ever wondered what C-Section preparation takes place just prior to surgery, you’ll find today’s post especially helpful and informative.

I have with us Cassie Phillips, a labor and deliver nurse who has so kindly offered to contribute a guest post sharing with us what happens during the C-Section preparation phase. Cassie will also be discussing  why C-Sections most often occur, the differences between planned, unplanned and emergency C-Sections and a few details about having a C-Section that you may not already know.

Take it away Cassie…

It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or tenth; first c-section or seventh, every delivery is different.  As a labor and delivery nurse I’ll share with you my experiences with regard to C-Section preparation and I encourage your questions below.  Continue reading

6 Important Things I’ve Discovered About Having a C-Section

having a C-SectionSince I began my C-Section research ten years ago I’ve discovered a few importing things about having a C-Section.

I’ve not only made new discoveries with regard to the C-Section procedure and how it’s changed, I’ve also seen how first time moms and moms in general perceive C-Sections and their attitudes toward other moms who have C-Sections.

Here I’ll share some of my thoughts and I invite you to add your ideas, comments or experiences as well 🙂 Continue reading